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Media Psychology: What IS engagement?

What is engagement? Despite the fact that I work with clients everyday to track ENGAGEMENT metrics, I haven’t taken the time to reflect on a working definition. There appears to be two distinct camps approaching this question; 1) psychologists and 2) marketing professionals and academics. As a disclaimer, I have worked for almost a decade […]

Portland Female Executives Soak Up Social Media SUPER Hero Status

Many thanks to all the GREAT women who attended my #SocialSuperHero presentation ‘Be a Social Media Super Hero’ last night in downtown Portland. I was THRILLED to partner with Portland Female Executives and help empower women to effectively use social media to achieve their goals. The presentation outlined components from my newly created online course, […]

Transmedia Storytelling Case Study: The Power Inside

‘The Power Inside’ is the third social film in a series created by Pereria & O’Dell for Toshiba and Intel. The series, which launched in 2011 with the film ‘Inside’, has been proclaimed as ‘groundbreaking’ by Fast Company and won multiple awards. This third installment launched August 15, 2013 with a six episode web series […]

Be a Social Media Super Hero in 2014

by Lisa Peyton, originally published on Managing your social media communications can be a daunting task. Almost daily I receive an invite to join a NEW social media platform. My inbox is cluttered with updates from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other online communities with news about colleagues, friends and family. If I were to […]

The Chipotle #Scarecrow Campaign: Does it go far enough to transport consumers?

by Lisa Peyton Recently Chipotle, a publicly traded fast food chain, has launched the Scarecrow campaign that consists of a microsite, an animated short film, a soundtrack and a game for the iPhone and iPad. If you are unfamiliar with the campaign, you can read more about why it was so sucessful in my post, […]

[VIDEO] #tmmTV: TMM Success Stories – Making the leap from student to marketing professional

  #tmmTV: TMM Success Stories – Making the leap from student to marketing professional This #tmmTV Hangout On Air features TMM community members Heather English, James C. Smith, Sthuthi Sagal and PSU’s Digital Marketer of the Year, Jana Kopp. They have all made the journey from student to digital marketing PRO and are offering up […]

The Power of Narrative in Advertising: Brands that tell stories and win customers

We have all seen the power of storytelling in action. Stories most likely have even contributed to our decision to make a purchase, wear a particular item of clothing and drink a certain beverage. Narrative has become a weapon in the ongoing battle of the brands. The companies that are coming out on top have […]

Chipotle #Scarecrow Campaign: Advertising or narrative and WHY it worked

by Lisa Peyton ‘Chipotle’s latest marketing campaign has gone viral’ reads the headline of one of the many articles buzzing about this 3 minute video simply called ‘The Scarecrow’. Since first hearing about the video over a week ago in a newsletter I subscribe to, I have been bombarded with references to the campaign in […]