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Facebook Goes 'Back to School': Top Facebook Pages for Education Industry

The education industry is engaging in an interesting debate between those who champion social media as a tool for students to take learning to a new level and those who attempt to keep it out of the classroom altogether. Many feel there’s no place for Facebook and Twitter in the classroom and the industry has […]

Let's Make A Deal: A Comparison Guide for Creating Location-Based Offers

by Lisa Peyton, VP Bonfire Social Media Deals. They are everywhere these days. With our economy in a serious recession, consumers are laser-focused on getting the most for their money and EVERYONE loves a great deal. With the advent of location-based applications like Foursquare and Facebook Places, deals are becoming more relevant than ever before. […]

8 Facebook Competitive Analysis Tools, An Epic Guide

A Facebook business page has become an essential component for most digital marketing campaigns. But what do you know about your competitors on Facebook? Perhaps you have scanned their page, taken notice of how many fans they have or even ‘liked’ their page so you could be updated on their status. The information available on […]

Facebook Page ‘May Day’: What Unions Can Learn From Top Politicians on Facebook

This post started out as a tribute to May Day – searching for creative ways labor unions and anti-union supporters were using Facebook. I had recently read an article about how Facebook could potentially REPLACE labor unions and excitedly went to work looking for well-organized, active pages. What I found instead was a handful of […]

The Facebook 520: Are you being played for a Facebook fool?

Find any great April Fool’s pranks on Facebook last week? I had some difficulties spotting them. I was hoping to report on brands playfully posting outrageous updates, wacky profile pics and basically playing their community for fools. One of my clients did have some success with this April Fools prank: The Mauve Power Ranger! (Image […]

Facebook Places Deals: Do They Offer Value for Local Business?

Last week Facebook proudly launched ‘Facebook Places Deals’. With several mega-brands jumping on-board like Starbucks, Chipotle, The Gap and North Face; one could only assume the new feature would be a HUGE success. After attempting to create my own deal, I’m not convinced. There are several factors that businesses need to take into account before […]