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eLearing: How instructors can help provide students with a safe and positive online learning experience

  In his 2009 Ted talk, Alain de Botton, discusses our propensity for career anxiety and blames exceedingly high cultural expectations and the perception of equality as the cause. He encourages everyone to define their OWN definition of success and not believe the false credo that ‘we CAN do it all’. This anxiety that many […]

Online Learning Strategist, Kate Pinner, 'Educators are curators of content'

  “The attainment of knowledge is readily available by almost anyone with an internet connection. Educators are curators of content, providing access and opportunities for discovery of content, rather than the people who just structure and deliver it.” – Kate Pinner, Learning and Content Strategist Learning and Content Strategist, Kate Pinner, stumbled across my website […]

Harvard Tries Teaching the Language of Business with Technology

In his recent article on, branding guru, Marty Neumeier lays out how Harvard is attempting to handle the threat of online disruption. He plainly asks “what’s keeping new distance-learning companies such as Coursera and edX from repositioning Harvard as an overpriced dinosaur (Neumeier, M., 2014)?” This is a question that needs to be asked […]

Learning and Technology: It’s time to change course

Technology is changing how we learn and we need to change how we teach. There have been several studies that have confirmed predictions that students who have grown up with digital media will learn differently and demand a more engaging form of education (Rudestam, K.E., & Schoenholtz-Read, J., 2010). One study concludes that Generation Y […]

Transmedia Storytelling Case Study: The Power Inside

‘The Power Inside’ is the third social film in a series created by Pereria & O’Dell for Toshiba and Intel. The series, which launched in 2011 with the film ‘Inside’, has been proclaimed as ‘groundbreaking’ by Fast Company and won multiple awards. This third installment launched August 15, 2013 with a six episode web series […]

The Importance of Play and Online Education: 'Nothing lights up the brain like play'

According to Stuart Brown, ‘nothing lights up the brain like play.” In his Ted Talk, Brown argues that play is essential to proper brain development and has a biological place in our lives similar to sleep and dreams. He cites research on rats and other animals that prove play builds skills that help with survival. […]

Designing an Effective Online Learning Program: WHO are you teaching and HOW do they learn?

Technology is having a huge impact on education. More than 90% of all colleges now offer some online programs with schools as prestigious as Harvard joining their ranks (Rudestam, K. E. & Schoenholtz-Read, J. 2010). The exponential growth in online learning has been fueled by many factors including rising transportation costs, advances in learning technologies […]

Media Psychology: What IS engagement?

What is engagement? Despite the fact that I work with clients everyday to track ENGAGEMENT metrics, I haven’t taken the time to reflect on a working definition. There appears to be two distinct camps approaching this question; 1) psychologists and 2) marketing professionals and academics. As a disclaimer, I have worked for almost a decade […]