In the dawn of the digital sky,

Marketers look up, wondering why.

“Why are we burdened with tasks so small,

When our dreams are big and there’s sky for all?”

AI whispers, “Fear not, my friend,

For I am here to help you ascend.

In a year or less, you’ll see the light,

Automated tasks take flight in the night.”

Five years ahead, in the tale we weave,

AI’s magic you’ll start to believe.

Creative sparks and data so grand,

Together we’ll walk, hand in hand.

Ten years on, the landscape’s new,

Ethics and knowledge in everything we do.

We’ll paint the skies with colors so bright,

A blend of human touch and AI’s might.

Twenty years hence, what will we find?

A world reshaped by the creative mind.

AI’s not a foe but a muse so divine,

In the tapestry of time, together we’ll shine.

So marketers, listen, the future’s clear,

With AI by side, there’s nothing to fear.

Dream big, aim high, let your spirits soar, In the symphony of progress, forevermore.