Featured Friend of the XR/AI Pub Crawl: Victor Paru, ‘Idea Guy’ at Paru Digital

Featured Friend of the XR/AI Pub Crawl: Victor Paru, ‘Idea Guy’ at Paru Digital

I first met Victor Paru at our in-person pub crawl in Portland. I remember it was a warm summer day and we had all alighted at a large, wooden table outside at on of my local haunts near the river. Victor was an old pal of Billie’s, having worked together at Intel for several years. Victor was a believer in immersive tech and was excited about what the future held for immersive media and communications.

That was almost a year ago and Victor has attended every pub crawl since. I’m thrilled to share his expertise and passion with our community.

What is your area of expertise?  

I am fluent in creativity, and thrive when I can “SHOW vs TELL” a targeted audience about a new product, service or opportunity. Video and imaging combined with live events are among my strengths and passions.

Why are you interested in XR and AI for marketing and communications?  

Throughout my career, I’ve engaged audiences across physical stages and digital screens. As an AI champion, I recognize its potential and challenges. Innovative marketing and communications are essential in this new era, where good messages and experiences build trust and community. I think AR excites me the most within the XR universe at this time, navigating the real world with its digital potential. 

Do you currently leverage XR and AI for marketing or do you plan to in the near future?  

Yes, I am currently a SW Tech Marketing Engineer at Intel focused on AI technologies and develop demos for executives and events. I have also been running my own agency (Paru Digital) since 2010, providing digital media production and creative services. I continue to integrate AI into my workflows to advance projects and help clients navigate new tools and services to reach new possibilities.

Featured Friend of the XR/AI Pub Crawl: Kelly Wade, Florida’s Natural

Featured Friend of the XR/AI Pub Crawl: Kelly Wade, Florida’s Natural

I first heard of Kelly Wade, the marketing director of Florida’s Natural Growers, as my best friend and I were driving to the coast. We were discussing how I could get larger, national brands to work with my students in a campaigns class I was teaching at the University of Oregon. Billie said she know a woman who worked with Florida’s Natural orange juice – and I was like, “WHAT?! – That’s PERFECT!”. The rest is history was we say, Kelly was extremely receptive to the idea of working with my students and we had a blast crafting campaigns for the brand that would excite and engage Gen Z, several of which included immersive elements.

Since that time, Kelly has continued to support the pub crawl and attend our monthly events. She’s an amazingly gifted and dedicated marketer who sees the potential that XR and AI offer to our profession. I’m THRILLED to feature Kelly this month and appreciate her thoughtful answers to a few questions that will hopefully help you get to know more about her role and her perspective on XR and AI. Enjoy!

What is your area of expertise?  

I’m a marketing/brand person.  My expertise is in CPG and traditional marketing, including product and packaging development and management, pricing, marketing comms, consumer insights and advocacy.

Why are you interested in XR and AI for marketing and communications?  

We’ve actually used augmented reality for a product line we had and we created an app in which scanning the carton package launched an AR video to see the carton come to life.  Although we’ve got that learning under our belt, we have discussed other opportunities, and we’ve had other projects compete for resources.

For a CPG brand, using XR to enhance the consumer experience, and what that looks like is really limited only by imagination, tying it to the equity of the brand.  For example, when we have people visit – vendor/partners, retailer customers, etc. – we usually include a grove tour including learning about the trees and fruit, how citrus is produced and picked, and usually also an in-grove tasting.  It’s ALWAYS the biggest hit of any visit.  Spatial XR offers an opportunity for the Florida’s Natural to extend that tour to anyone with a headset and drive the differentiation of the brand in consumers’ minds.

AI has lots of different applications, though I’m interested now in using it to automate labor-intensive, scenario-type tasks – pricing modeling, media buying, data interpretation, and really anywhere that would benefit from looking for patterns that may not be readily apparent.

I’m also interested in AI’s ability to generate and personalize content.  I think in general, advertising agencies have been slow to respond to AI.  Maybe it has something to do with Sam Altman claiming AI can do 95% of marketing, but there seems to be more openness and receptivity from agencies now.  The big holding companies seem to have dug into questions about usage and ownership, and these will be important for us to have a rock solid understanding up front.  If AI we generate an image, but some other entity actually owns it, what we can are able to use is limited.  I’ve got a meeting scheduled now with our agency to delve into these issues.

Do you currently leverage XR and AI for marketing or do you plan to in the near future?  

We don’t have any specific plans for XR and AI.  I think AI, especially, is becoming woven into a lot of our partners’ solutions, and if we dig into some of our work, it’s happening already.  For us, it will be about it driving value to the brand, ease of use, and affordability. 

Featured Friend of the XR Pub Crawl: Claire Weingarten

Featured Friend of the XR Pub Crawl: Claire Weingarten

I first met Claire, I believe, at one of my first XR Pub Crawl events over a year ago. I had just started hosting the virtual, monthly event for a small group of eager and enthusiastic marketers looking to leverage the power of emerging technologies. She connected with me on LinkedIn and quickly became an engaged and valuable member of our community.

I was fortunate enough to meet Claire in-person at AWE 2023, as she made the trip from New York out to the bay area to attend the XR Pub Crawl’s AWE experience and extravaganza. A two-day event that included a private preview of the showroom floor and a delicious and intimate dinner in San Jose. I immediately recognized her experience and talent within the media industry and realized she had a bright future within the XR and immersive communications.

I’m THRILLED to feature Claire as the very first ‘Friend of the XR Pub Crawl’, as part of my series dedicated to our small but mighty community. You can connect with Claire on LinkedIn and join our next monthly LIVE event happening the third Friday of the month at noon PT. Hope to see you there!

What is your area of expertise?

Visual media has long been an area of expertise for me, and with bachelors and masters degrees in cinema studies, my professional life has spanned a number of arts-related fields–film, streaming video, journalism and social media programming. Several years ago my passion and expertise evolved beyond video-based media to also include immersive experiences and emerging technologies that are creating entirely new channels of communication.

Why are you interested in XR and AI for marketing and communications?

I believe emerging technologies like XR and AI can be instrumental in creating the most meaningful immersive experiences marketers and communicators are able to design for audiences. We have not yet scratched the surface of what these experiential marketing tools are capable of inspiring in audiences who can be transformed by meaningful interactions with brands–interactions that are not possible with more traditional marketing methods.

What are your career aspirations? What do you want to be when you grow up?

I don’t know that I can point to one exact role, however I know it’s vital for me to always be exploring new frontiers in emerging  story-telling mediums, experiential communication and immersive engagements.

The Seven Pillars of AI in Marketing: A Future-Ready Guide & Infographic

The Seven Pillars of AI in Marketing: A Future-Ready Guide & Infographic

A comprehensive list of marketing tasks that can benefit from generative AI application compiled by Lisa Peyton.

Comprehensive List of Marketing Tasks for Generative AI Application

1. Content Creation and Management

  • Copywriting: Generating ad copy, blog posts, social media content, product descriptions.
  • Graphic Design: Creating visual content for campaigns, social media, websites.
  • Video Production: Generating and editing promotional or instructional videos.
  • Content Personalization: Tailoring content to individual customer preferences and behaviors.
  • SEO Optimization: Enhancing content for better search engine ranking.

2. Data Analysis and Insights

  • Market Research: Analyzing market trends and consumer behavior.
  • Customer Data Analysis: Gaining insights from customer data to drive marketing strategies.
  • Performance Analytics: Measuring the success of marketing campaigns and initiatives.
  • Predictive Analysis: Forecasting market trends and consumer behavior.

3. Customer Engagement and Experience

  • Chatbots and Customer Service: Handling customer queries and providing information.
  • Email Marketing: Personalizing and automating email campaigns.
  • Social Media Management: Curating and scheduling social media posts, engaging with followers.
  • Customer Feedback Analysis: Analyzing feedback to improve products and services.

4. Campaign Optimization and Management

  • Ad Targeting and Placement: Optimizing the targeting and placement of digital ads.
  • Campaign Analysis: Evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Budget Allocation: Optimizing the marketing budget for maximum ROI.
  • A/B Testing: Automating the process of A/B testing for various marketing elements.

5. Product Marketing and Strategy

  • Product Launch Strategies: Planning and executing product launches.
  • Brand Strategy Development: Crafting and maintaining brand identity and messaging.
  • Market Segmentation: Identifying and targeting specific market segments.
  • Pricing Strategy: Utilizing AI to set and adjust pricing strategies.

6. Digital Marketing and E-commerce

  • Website Personalization: Tailoring website experiences for individual visitors.
  • E-commerce Optimization: Improving online shopping experiences and conversion rates.
  • Online Reputation Management: Monitoring and influencing the online reputation of a brand.
  • Mobile Marketing: Creating and optimizing marketing for mobile platforms.

7. Event Marketing and Public Relations

  • Event Planning and Promotion: Automating aspects of event planning and promotional activities.
  • Press Release Writing and Distribution: Generating and disseminating press releases.
  • Public Sentiment Analysis: Analyzing public sentiment towards the brand or products.
  • Influencer Marketing: Identifying and collaborating with influencers.

Additional Considerations:

  • Prioritize tasks based on the organization’s specific goals and resource availability.
  • Evaluate the current level of technology adoption and staff proficiency in AI to determine training needs.
  • Continuously monitor and adapt to emerging AI capabilities and marketing trends.

This comprehensive list can guide marketing departments in identifying key areas where generative AI can be leveraged to enhance efficiency, creativity, and effectiveness in their operations.

XR Pub Crawl Marketing and Comms: Hugo Boss and Olivier Moingeon from Exclusible

XR Pub Crawl Marketing and Comms: Hugo Boss and Olivier Moingeon from Exclusible

Our June edition of the XR Pub Crawl for Marketing and Comms was one of the best yet! If you missed it, you can catch the on-demand version on my YouTube channel and I got some highlights summarized below. Hope to see you for our next broadcast, you can learn more about that on the LinkedIn event invite.

The Show Floor Tour

One of the most valuable parts of the AWE experience was the show floor tour. It allowed us to try out new technologies, hear presentations from vendors, and get a firsthand look at the latest innovations in the XR space. Being able to engage with vendors and learn about their products from a marketing perspective was truly valuable.

Building Relationships

AWE provided a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new connections in the XR community. The sense of community and the chance to deepen relationships is one of the highlights of this conference. It’s a reminder of the power of networking and the importance of building a strong community.

The Future of Education

One of the most inspiring sessions at AWE was about the future of education. The speaker shared insights on personalized learning and the role of AI tutors in shaping the way we learn. As marketers, education plays a crucial role in our job, and this session provided valuable insights on how to educate and engage our audiences effectively.

The Rise of AI Digital Twins

One of the most mind-blowing topics discussed at AWE was the concept of AI digital twins. The idea that we could have an AI-driven twin that thinks and acts like us is both exciting and eerie. AI digital twins have the potential to revolutionize various industries, from influencer marketing to personalized learning. It’s a concept that we need to pay attention to as it becomes more prevalent.

The Hugo Boss Project

Now, let’s talk about the recent project with Hugo Boss. The collaboration with Hugo Boss and Imaginary Ones resulted in a stunning immersive experience. The project aimed to recreate the aesthetic and theme of Hugo Boss’s Miami fashion show in a virtual world. The team worked tirelessly to build a custom world using platforms like special.io and mid-journey. The result was a visually captivating experience that showcased the brand’s creativity and engaged users.


Q: What were the main highlights of AWE?

A: The show floor tour, building relationships, the future of education, and the rise of AI digital twins were the main highlights of AWE.

Q: What was the most inspiring session at AWE?

A: The session on the future of education was the most inspiring. It provided insights into personalized learning and the role of AI tutors.

Q: What is an AI digital twin?

A: An AI digital twin is an AI-driven replica of a person that thinks and acts like them. It has the potential to revolutionize various industries.

Q: What was the objective of the Hugo Boss project?

A: The objective of the Hugo Boss project was to recreate the aesthetic and theme of their Miami fashion show in a virtual world, providing an immersive experience for users.

To learn more about the AWE conference and the Hugo Boss project, watch the full video.


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Case Study: AR Experience for Microsoft and Intel

Case Study: AR Experience for Microsoft and Intel

“Lisa Peyton is always my resource for doing innovative and break-through work. Her concept for driving engagement at Microsoft Build using accessible, interactive, AR storytelling was brilliant! Her knowledge of enterprise marketing strategy and the latest XR and AI tools makes her an invaluable asset for any experiential campaign.”

– Billie Goldman, Intel Partner Marketing

Intel needed to engage cloud developers at one of the biggest, global virtual conferences for developers, Microsoft Build. With hundreds of exhibitors, creating an interactive and memorable experience was essential for reaching this illusive and often messaging-resistant audience.

The Objective

As the lead strategist on this project, I developed a concept to leverage 3D, augmented reality storytelling to meeting three key objectives:

  • Create a stand-out and memorable experience that provided value to the developer audience attending Microsoft Build
  • Educate developers on the latest Intel technology in a fun and interactive environment that was relatable and entertaining
  • Drive demand and downloads for the Intel code found on GitHub

The Solution

Working with a leading AR creative team, we developed a virtual ‘LEGO inspired’ 3D factory that could be viewed at-home using a Smartphone. The experience introduces Chuck, our snarky protagonist, who safely builds a racecar using Intel’s factory floor anomaly detection tool and takes it for a spin.

The interactive AR experience was promoted throughout the virtual conference and acted as a tool to engage developers, drive awareness, and get them to download the code.

The Results

Thousands of users and developers interacted with the experience throughout the duration of Microsoft Build and beyond. The experience broke benchmarks for virtual conference engagement for such KPI’s as:

  • Number of code downloads
  • Number of attendees interacting with Intel content
  • Number of brand mentions across social media

“Lisa Peyton is always my resource for doing innovative and break-through work. Her concept for driving engagement at Microsoft Build using accessible, interactive, AR storytelling was brilliant! Her knowledge of enterprise marketing strategy and the latest XR and AI tools makes her an invaluable asset for any experiential campaign.” – Billie Goldman, Intel Partner Marketing