I first met Dave through my good friend, Billie Goldman, as they worked together at Intel for a few years. Dave has since moved over to Thermo Fisher Scientific, as a Sr. Global Market Development Manager. As he was looking for innovative approaches to B2B marketing, Billie suggested we meet and the rest is history.

I was thrilled to find Dave so open and willing to look at new ways to engage his audiences and we became fast friends. Fast forward to today and Dave is a regular at the monthly XR Pub Crawl. He is a wonderful resource for the latest news and industry trends in the enterprise B2B marketing space.

Thanks and gratitude goes out to Dave for taking the time to share his perspective below AND for being such an active and engaged part of the XR marketing community.

What is your area of expertise?

Marketing and Product Management

Why are you interested in XR and AI for marketing and communications?

From a business-to-business marketing perspective, XR, and more so Virtual Reality, is interesting as it holds great potential as a means for delivering virtual product demonstrations or for better understanding how a customer uses a product when developing customer personas. Designed correctly, an individual could have the opportunity to “take the tool for a test drive.” This could be very useful to advance potential customers through sales cycle from awareness to consideration. As a former product manager, virtual demonstrations enabled by VR could also be valuable for gather input for future products.

For marketing purposes, AI has a lot of potential value as a tool for creating marketing engaging content. Today, many are using AI for writing blogs, whitepapers, customer communications, etc. It’s great for content ideation, but it also has limitations users should be conscious of.  Moving forward, a number of applications are emerging that hold great potential for marketers. Of the AI based applications that I’ve seen, I’m most excited about text to video capabilities that allow the marketer to create videos to promote facets of a product or a solution in a dynamic form.

Do you currently leverage XR and AI for marketing or do you plan to in the near future? 

At this time, we are using XR and AI for some marketing purposes and we continue to investigate how we can use these technologies to support marketing activities and increase our productivity. With technology evolutions happening every day, it’s an exciting time to be in marketing.