Intel had a problem: How to make a BIG impact at the upcoming Microsoft Ignite conference and build awareness around their AI initiatives. They approached me to discuss innovative ways they could leverage new technology to help engage both in-person and online conference goers while demonstrating the power of generative AI.

The Art of AI Powered by Intel and Microsoft

The solution designed and produced by Sounds Fun was to build an interactive and visually stunning experience powered by Intel technology that allowed conference goers to co-create AI art alongside three up and coming AI artists. The in-person exhibit included three interactive, AI-driven experiences from Mattaniah Aytensfu, Alexander Reben, and Si Parmeggiani. Each experience demonstrated a different capability of generative AI including both text and imagery and utilized Microsoft and Intel technology.

Online attendees were treated to a virtual version of Si Parmeggiani’s futuristic vending machine which allowed them to co-create striking AI art take-aways. Thousands of attendees were captivated by the experience with many sharing their creations on social media.

Project KPI’s included: 

  • # of conference attendees, both in-person and online that experienced the exhibit
  • # of attendees who shared their personalized co-created artwork on social media
  • # of in-person attendee badge scans
  • # of website visits on the exhibit microsite
  • # of brand and experience mentions across social and digital channels
  • Share of Voice during the conference for terms related to AI as compared to competitors

“Intel and Microsoft never do stuff like this!”

“This is by far the best experience at the conference.”

“This is such fun!”


AI Artist Overview

The Microsite Experience


AI Artist Statements