Social Media Coaching


Lisa Peyton presents her professional social media planning guide 2014. Social Media Coaching with Lisa Peyton

Creating, updating and monitoring a professional online presence has become a full-time job. And not just for social media professionals, like me, but for anyone who engages with the business community. Professional athletes, CEO’s, celebrities, teachers, politicians and everyone else needs to be mindful of their digital visibility and reputation. People ARE looking for you online. Do you know what they are finding?

Unfortunately, most of us have less and less time to devote to our online social channels. Business owners, executives and just about everyone with a computer feels overwhelmed by this fast moving digital conversation. The global communication dynamic has forever changed. But, who wants to spend countless hours updating dozens of social networks, responding to comments and pondering what to publish next? Not me!

So I have set out to create a smart, simple and focused strategy to ensure you are maximizing your time while still being a business communications and social media superstar. My social media coaching sessions are one-on-one, personalized training sessions where I will help you create a SMART social media strategy and give you the tools to put your strategy into action. We’ll work on issues such as limited time, limited knowledge of social media platforms and feelings of confusion and anxiety about how to best get started.

Cost: Please contact me for a special introductory offer for friends and colleagues