Be a Social Media Super Hero

Social Media Super Hero Interactive Planning Guide 2014

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Be a Social Media Super Hero – Social Media Super Hero Interactive Planning Guide

Social media can be overwhelming, time-consuming and downright scary. How do I BEST represent myself online? What’s the right mix of personal and professional? How can better handle my online communications?

Professionals NEED to be active on social media and you don’t have to take my word for it. The Harvard Business Journal published an article announcing that leaders MUST embrace social media. They go further to declare that active participation in social media can make the difference between faltering and advancing in the pursuit of your goals. You have the opportunity to allow social media to help you build deeper connections, better meet the expectations of others and confidently present yourself to the world.

I want to help you be a social media SUPER hero and give you the confidence to share who you are with the world.

I have been teaching for over a decade and would LOVE to have the opportunity to share may passion for digital media. We have powerful tools at our disposal that can help us connect, learn, grow and BE BETTER.

My online course, Be a Social Media Super Hero, was designed to give you the confidence to effectively manage social media. I spend over three hours presenting a plan that will allow you to build a comprehensive strategy and measure your results. The program includes a dedicated LinkedIn group to help support your efforts into 2014 and beyond.

My comprehensive program will not only allow you to better connect online, it WILL SAVE YOU TIME. Over the years, I have developed several time-saving tactics that allow me to keep up with an endless stream of social media without spending hours a day.


Learn About the BEST Tools of the Trade

I include a special 50 minute presentation on my FAVORITE social media tools to help you streamline your social media strategy for 2014. My Tools of the Trade tips will help you:

  • >Learn how to leverage Twitter lists to help easily find great content
  • >Discover how to use hashtags to grow your community and contribute to the conversation
  • >Learn how to create a dynamic, social media friendly website with the push of a button
  • >Learn the best tools to monitor social media and ‘listen’ to your community
  • >Discover how many people SEE your tweets and which ones drove the most engagement
  • >Learn how to save yourself time by having relevant content sent to your inbox
  • >Learn how to create an automated newsletter from your social media updates

┬áCome spend some time with me online and let’s harness the power of social media together.


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