Hey there, marketing mavericks – Are you ready to unlock the power of AI? Welcome to “The AI Marketing Revolution: 10 Challenges to Ignite Your Campaigns.” This is your personal roadmap to learning about how to master AI for marketing. Think of me as your trusted coach and mentor, guiding you through hands-on challenges that are designed to stretch your skills, enrich your campaigns, and elevate your understanding of generative AI. You can find the video series over on my YouTube channel and here on my blog.

You’re A Winner Baby!

Over the course of the next several weeks, I’ll create a short video tutorial explaining a hands-on exercise that you can start using to improve your marketing campaigns TODAY. All of those who complete the 10 challenges and share their results will be eligible to win an AMAZING prize package – those fun details are coming soon so stay tuned!

To be entered to win, just use the challenge hashtag, #AIMarketingRevolutionChallenge, to post a comment on LinkedIn sharing your thoughts an/or results of each challenge. I can’t wait to see what we’re all going to discover together.

This challenge is part of my upcoming series of articles, “Decoding Generative AI: A Marketer’s Guide to Text-Based and Visual AI Content”. You can find all of my AI content including the videos for this challenge in my XR/AI Marketing Brief, be sure to subscribe to get all the juicy updates.

AI Marketing Revolution Challenge Video #1

AI Marketing Revolution Challenge Video #1 Links and Resources


XR/AI Marketing Brief:


XR Pub Crawl for Marketing & Communications:


ChatGPT: https://chat.openai.com/

ChatGPT Sample Prompt:

Build a persona for a marketing director of a large corporation in the US that is focused on selling a technology platform. The goals of this person is to leverage the latest AI and XR tools to increase sales, collect qualified leads and increase market share for the companies technology platform. Include specific details about goals, pain-points and decision criteria for selecting a marketing consultant.

ChatGPT Sample Prompt:

Build a persona for a new or mid-career marketing professional looking to gain additional skills around using the latest technology to connect with their audiences.