My webinars focus on immersive and interactive B2B marketing trends, strategies and use cases. Got a great topic? Drop me a line!

Past Webinars

Beyond 2D for B2B: The current state of 3D, virtual, event solutions

This webinar examines the multitude of immersive, 3D virtual event platforms available to B2B event planners and marketers. We’ll compare and contrast the most popular options from the lens of reaching and engaging business audiences and meeting overall business objectives.

Guide to Truly Immersive B2B Virtual Events

Learn how immersive technologies such as VR, AR and MR can boost virtual event attendee engagement. Fight video conference fatique and better meet event objectives with XR.

How to Market in a Time of Crisis

Join us for an engaging discussion about leading marketing during challenging times. Learn how to balance the much-needed empathy and space people need right now with your company’s goals and urgent needs for revenue generation. We’ve invited a panel of experts from across the marketing spectrum to share how business goals need to adjust, how marketing campaigns need to pivot and how to strike the right balance of compassion and promotion.