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We are witnessing a content revolution.

Generative AI is taking our industry by storm and every marketer out there needs to pay close attention. Generative AI solves one of our major challenges – creating TONS of unique and compelling content. Our always-on, digital world has forced us to become publishers of hyper-relevant content to connect with and reach our audiences.

The advent of Web3, the Metaverse and other immersive technologies arms us with powerful tools to build an emotional connection with audiences all over the globe. However, building 3D content to fill entire worlds is an expensive and daunting task and has been a blocker for mass adoption by marketing teams. That is no longer the case.

AI Democratizing Creative

AI tools have matured to a point where anyone and I mean ANYONE can create amazing, mind-blowing, and unique content. The list of AI content creation tools and use cases across our industry is massive, so I’m focusing on where my passion lies – at the intersection of XR and AI for marketing and strategic communications

You can read my comprehensive article on Martech.org where I outline several specific marketing use cases for this happy marriage. There a potentially MILLIONS more, so consider this a humble beginning of a continuing series on this unparalleled content paradigm shift and lets all Vive la révolution! 

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Top Tools of the Month

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This month I’ve been playing around with the premium versions of AI ad creative tools. One of my favorites is adcreative.ai. The featured image above for our next XR Pub Crawl was generated in just a few clicks using this platform. It has several integrations and features that make it a compelling tool to help create thousands of different ad variations. Pricing starts at about $200 per month, definitely worth a test drive if your team struggles with fresh visuals for social media content.


Another AI content tool, Lately.ai, generates copy and visuals for socials posts from text, audio, or VIDEO. That’s right, this tool will take your hour long talking head video and break it down into snackable social shorts. The AI-generated captions do need LOTS of work but the video editing feature alone can save you tons of time and cash creating all those short-form videos.


This is my FAVORITE generative AI imaging tool and I look for any excuse to jump in and use it. The tool was once open and free to all, however, recently it required me to purchase a subscription for about $10 bucks per month. This tool creates powerful and artistic images in seconds with only a few text prompts. Every agency I have spoken with over the last few months have all admitted to using this tool extensively to help ideate, create mood boards, test and prototype design work, and even create ad creative. Keep in mind any images you create on this platform, unless significantly edited, is in the public domain and anyone can use it without restriction – including YOU!

If you’re new to this tool, the quick start guide is the place to start and for more guidance you can check out the recording of my XR Pub Crawl AI edition.

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April’s XR Pub Crawl AI Edition On-Demand

If you’re interested in gaining a more nuanced understanding of AI and marketing content creation, check out my latest XR Pub Crawl event where Billie Goldman and I discussed this rich topic with AI expert PJ Pereira. He walked us through his philosophy when it comes to AI anxiety and provide a hands-on demo of powerful, generative AI image creation platform, Midjourney.

XR/AI Marketing News

Midjourney 5.1 Arrives – And It’s Another Leap Forward For AI Art

Midjourney is hands-down the best generative image tool out there and it keeps getting better. This recent Forbes article outlines the updates in the new version and shows some ‘before and after’ examples of the improvements.

How Roblox is Bringing AI to the Metaverse

Roblox is democratizing 3D content creation by integrating generative AI tools into it’s platform. Learn more about their long-term goal to put these powerful tools into the hands of their community.

Dealing with AI Anxiety

You’re not along when it comes to feeling conflicted about the latest advances in AI technology. This post shares a framework that can help marketers gain perspective on how these tools impact their individual lives, their company, and humanity at large.

A CEO’s Guide to the Metaverse

This recent report by McKinsey predicts the metaverse to be a $4 trillion to $5 trillion dollar industry by 2030. Leading the list of use cases with the highest potential are brand marketing and consumer engagement. Interested now?! It’s a must-read for any experiential brand marketer.

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