Brand: Power Rangers Samurai
Social Media Marketing Team: Rob Hughes, Lisa Peyton, Ryan Lewis, William Crane, Mitch Daugherty
Campaign Length: 3 months
Results: Facebook ‘likes’ increased by 200,000 and Facebook interactions grew to almost 2,000 per day!
Social Media Award Finalist: SoMe’s 2011

The Team


The Goal – Saving the world from TOTAL DESTRUCTION

Saban Brands needed to create buzz and excitement surrounding the premiere of the new Power Rangers series airing in February. They had created a website and Facebook page but were unsure of how to get traction within the already thriving Power Rangers fan community online. With dozens of Facebook pages already dedicated to the Power Rangers, Saban needed to ensure their page was the leading source for information and fan interaction. Bonfire’s task was to grow the Facebook community as quickly as possible before the launch of the new series, February 7th 2011. Let the battle begin!


  • To combat fan boredom and apathy and save the world from total destruction!


  • Facebook Fierceness


  • 3 months prior to launch of Samurai series Feb 07, 2011

Fan Growth: Gathering the troops

Our first objective was to create a platform for fans to share their love for the Power Rangers brand. We wanted to feature the fans and make the Facebook page about THEIR interpretation of the brand. We created a Fan Art Contest and allowed the community to vote on the artwork that would be highlighted as our Facebook page profile image. We also created a Mighty Members collectors album featuring fan photos of all their cool Power Rangers collectibles. Within our 3 month campaign we quickly collected 600 images from our collectors.


  • Increase Facebook interactions by featuring fan content


  • Facebook fan art contest
  • Mighty Members collectors photo albums
  • Tuesday Trivia

Mighty Members Collectors Album

Tuesday Trivia

We quickly learned that the fans knew more about all the seasons of Power Rangers than we did. We wanted to make sure to challenge the die-hard fans and solicited tough trivia questions from the community. Regularly updating the page with fan-created trivia improved Facebook interactions dramatically. The winners were listed in the Power Rangers ‘Wall of Fame’ as being some of our SUPER fans.

Fan Advocacy: Arming the troops

Once our numbers began to grow, we wanted to arm fans with easy to share assets allowing them to be ‘brand advocates’.


  • Arm our troops with tools to help them become brand advocates


  • “Show Your Colors” Campaign
  • “Samurai Yourself” Profile Photo Creator
  • “Which Ranger are you?” Quiz

‘Show your colors’

We used Facebook to recruit and support our current brand advocates. By creating 5 unique profile images and sharing with Power Rangers fans on Facebook, we gave the community the power to ‘show their colors’. Facebook fans quickly updated their profile pics with the image of their favorite ranger.


‘Samurai Yourself’

And for those that wanted to take it one step further, the ‘Samurizer’ was created. An interactive feature of the Power Rangers website, fans could take a photo of themselves and quickly become whichever ranger they chose. The application made if easy to save the customized photo and to share on Facebook.

‘Which Ranger are You?’ Quiz

Knowing that our fans typically identify with one of the Rangers, we created a quiz that would help them learn more about the new Samurai Rangers. The quiz shared fan results on Facebook and promoted the new series premier.

Community Facebook Quotes: Fans speak out!

I don’t know if this can be classified as ‘Power Rangers swag’ or not, but its not everyday you get re-tweeted by the Power Rangers, and I am quite proud of this accomplishment. Go Go Samurai!

-Josh green

People comment on this page 24/7. ITS AWESOME

– Delaney Cummings

I would simply like to applaud the people in charge of this page for their hard work, fast news, well-kept site, and lack of bs that other pages seem to be burdened with.

– Todd Olsen

The Press – Power Rangers Tops’s Most Explosive Facebook Pages List

During the height of our campaign, the Power Rangers Facebook page was featured as one of’s ‘Most Explosive’ Facebook pages alongside Microsoft, ‘The Bachelor’ and Adidas. The international list offers up the top ten pages that have seen ‘tremendous weekly growth totals’.

The new series was publicized in several other major news outlets:

Los Angeles Times:

Los Angeles Times ‘Hero Complex’ Blog:


IGN Television News –

AOL TV Squad:


TV.com Interview with new Rangers:


During our 3 month campaign the community grew dramatically. The new TV series premiered Feb 07, 2011 with a staggering 16.8 million viewers in the show’s first week!

Result Details

Facebook ‘Likers’

Nov 01 – 1298

Feb 07 – 201,666

Daily News Feed Impressions ( Daily The number of times people (Fans and non-Fans) have viewed a News Feed story posted by your Page.)

Nov – 877,196

Dec – 3,443,998

Jan – 9,004,560

Facebook Interactions (Daily Likes and Comments)

Nov – 13,268

Dec – 22,026

Jan – 39,663