Take the #30in90 Hill Climb Challenge!

Take the #30in90 Hill Climb Challenge!

This winter I’m launching a new challenge for my cycle students – do 30 hill climbs in 90 days!

In-door cyclists can take any of my weekly classes or Kathy Parker’s classes at the Pearl LA Fitness in NW Portland from Thanksgiving day to the end of February 2016. Each class counts as a hill climb toward the ultimate goal of 30 total. A weekly class schedule can be found at LaFitness.com.

Along with the personal satisfaction you’ll feel from completing the challenge, we’re also offering some great prizes in fun categories listed below. Scroll down for all the challenge details and I look forward to #30in90’ing with you this winter!

#30in90 Hill Climb Challenge Details

Start date: November 26, 2015 – Community Thanksgiving day class @9:15am

Finish date: February 28, 2016

Goal: Complete 30 hill climbs (30 cycle classes) in 90 days

Details: Every time you complete Lisa’s or Kathy’s cycle calls OR complete a hill climb on your own,  you’ll get a sticker for the #30in90 Challenge tracker in the back of the cycle room at LA Fitness. Every student who completes 30 classes in 90 days will have WON the challenge and will be ready for the next phase in our annual calendar – INTERVALS!

We will also be awarding the following prizes for those who complete the challenge:

‘Steady Eddie’ – Most hill climbs completed in 90 days

‘Best Form Betty’ – Student who exhibits the BEST form during the challenge

‘Most Improved Mikey’  – Cyclist that makes the biggest improvement over the 90 days

‘Gung-HO Gertie’ – Most enthusiastic rider during class

‘Chatty Kathy’ – Student who uses the hashtag #30in90 and shares the most challenge related posts on social media. Be sure to tag ME by friending me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

‘Popular Peggy‘ – People’s choice award voted on by your fellow students, WHO do you most like to ride next to in class?

We’ll announce a challenge completion party, where everyone who participated can celebrate their effort and the prize winners will be announced.

Thanks everyone for all of you amazing support over the years and I hope to see you in class!