Spring 2024 LIVESTREAM Class Schedule

Spinning w/Strength Training: 

Express Pilates w/Intervals


Power Pilates: 

I’m an experienced Pilates and Spin instructor with 20 years of experience. My classes are challenging and will push you to get stronger, listen to your own body and most importantly love yourself! I teach all of my classes online, LIVE via Zoom. Beginners and newcomers are always welcome, meeting links and recurring calendar invites are below. The weekly Zoom link for each class will remain the same, if you have any issues joining – please let me know. Friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter for updates about my classes throughout the week.

Donations Appreciated

If you feel my classes provide a valuable resource please consider making a donation. The average price for a LIVE, online class is about $15 bucks, however I’ll greatly appreciate any amount to help subsidize my teachers salary.  ❤️

There are three ways you can donate:

  1. Simply click on this link and send me money via my Paypal Account:
  2. Mail me a check payable to Lisa Peyton – 662 Wimbledon Court, Eugene OR 97201
  3. Use the ‘Donate’ button below. 


Class Descriptions

Express Pilates w/Intervals – *NEW* – This quick-paced, 30 minute class takes students through a set of 7 Pilates-inspired intervals that will increase cardiovascular health, tone and strengthen muscles, and improve posture and flexibility. 

Power Pilates – A fast-paced, innovative mat Pilates class that will make you sweat. An all-over body workout in an hour, this class targets abs, gluts, shoulders, arms, back and chest. Optional props include light weights and a resistance band.

Spinning – A 60 minute in-door cycling ride choreographed to great music. I maintain an annual calendar that features endurance training in the fall, strength training in the winter, intervals in the spring and anything goes during the summer when most of us are riding outside or racing.

Foundations – Foundations is a unique combination of Pilates, barre, and more meditative practices like yoga and Qi Gong. This innovative format creates long, strong muscles, a clear, quiet mind and keeps the body flexible and moving! This class is appropriate for all levels and is a wonderful way to drop into your weekend.

On-Demand Library

Pilates Playlist on YouTube – Features all of our Pilates Formats

Holiday Foundations Pilates and Stretching – Dec 23, 2022

All Up Hill Strength Ride – Dec 04, 2022

Power Pilates w/Intervals – Dec 01, 2022

Thanksgiving Day Ride – Nov 27, 2022

Disco Spin – July 10, 2022 – I Will Survive

Interval Ride – April 24, 2022 – Spring Showers

Strength Ride – March 6, 2022 – Memories

Past, Present, Potential Strength Ride – Nov 28, 2021

Thanksgiving Day Ride – Nov 25, 2021 – Hungry Thanksgiving Day Ride

C.U.N.T. B Side – Nov 14, 2021 – C.U.N.T. Endurance Ride

C.U.N.T. Endurance Ride – Nov 7, 2021 – C.U.N.T. Endurance Ride

Howling Good Times Endurance Ride – Oct 31, 2021 – Howling Good Times

Fall Freedom Endurance Ride – Oct 24, 2021 – Fall Freedom

Vintage Playlist Endurance Ride – Oct 17, 2021 – Endurance Ride

45 Min Express Ride – Oct 10, 2021 – #GTFO

#GTFO Endurance Ride – Sep 26, 2021 – #GTFO

Endurance Training Ride – Sep 5, 2021 – Shafted

KAMT – Aug 29, 2021 – Disco Spin Volume #1

Strength Training Ride – Aug 22, 2021 – Everybody Say Love

Interval Training – Aug 08, 2021 – Masquerade

KAMT – Aug 01, 2021 – Disco Distractions Volume #3

Loops for Jaime – July 25th, 2021 – Bizarre Love Triangle

KAMT – July 11th, 2021 – Running Up That Hill

KAMT – June 27th – American Ride (July 4th)

Endurance – June 20th – C.U.N.T.

Power Pilates w/Resistance Band – May 20, 2021

Power Pilates w/Arm Weights – May 18, 2021