Power2 LeaderLab: Building Your Executive Presence Online

Power2 LeaderLab: Building Your Executive Presence Online

I was recently asked to present at Power2 Leaderlab’s Happy Hour of Power in Portland, OR. The group wanted information on how to extend their leadership qualities online and use social media to expand their network. Here’s my presentation, enjoy!

About Power2 LeaderLab
Power2 LeaderLab brings together women leaders who are committed to being their personal and professional best. Learn more on their website: http://www.p2leaderlab.com/.


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Social Media Executive Planning Spreadsheet 2015

Walking the Personal and Professional Line on the Web

Be a Social Media Super Hero in 2014

#tmmMentoring Kicks-off Next Week: Take a look at our promising #tmmMentees

#tmmMentoring Kicks-off Next Week: Take a look at our promising #tmmMentees

by Lisa Peyton, Executive Editor TMMPDX.COM

I’m SO excited to announce the official kick-off of our #tmmMentoring program. This has been a ‘work in-progress’ for several months and I am ELATED that it’s finally coming to fruition.

We have selected an AMAZING group of mentors and mentees and will be REVEALING our final pairings next week at our #tmmHappyHour Thoroughly Modern Mentorship Edition. Everyone is welcome to come out and toast our pilot program and support the industries freshest talent.

To learn more about the industry leaders that have VOLUNTEERED to be mentors, visit our #tmmMentoring page: http://tmmpdx.com/mentoring/. (more…)

Portland Female Executives Soak Up Social Media SUPER Hero Status

Portland Female Executives Soak Up Social Media SUPER Hero Status

Lisa Peyton Presents 'Be a Social Media Super Hero' to Portland Female ExecutivesMany thanks to all the GREAT women who attended my #SocialSuperHero presentation ‘Be a Social Media Super Hero’ last night in downtown Portland. I was THRILLED to partner with Portland Female Executives and help empower women to effectively use social media to achieve their goals. The presentation outlined components from my newly created online course, ‘Be a Social Media Super Hero’, available in my online store.

The presentation included sections on WHY social media is becoming so valuable, five benefits that are UNIQUE to social media AND a comprehensive plan to help strategize your efforts. My slides are available on Slideshare and you can also scroll through them below. Additional photos from the nights festivities can be found on Google+.

This is such a broad topic and despite the fact that I AM a fast talker, I wasn’t able to cover specific strategies and platforms. Perhaps I can come back for a follow up presentation where we can talk specific tactics. If you’re looking for additional support, be sure to take a look at my planning spreadsheet and FULLY loaded online course. Thanks so much and here’s to your SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS in 2014!


Stop Flying Blind, 2013 Social Media Planning Spreadsheet

by Lisa Peyton, originally published on socialfresh.com

Social media is big. It is unwieldy. And it grows thicker and more complicated with each day.

Fear not.

With some simple planning, self-reflection and research, you can harness the ‘beast’ that has become social media. Whether you are totally new to technology and the online space or are an industry veteran, around since its inception, the following plan will help you build a solid foundation for social media success.

This methodology can be applied to managing personal social media profiles and provide a basic foundation for a solid business social media strategy.

I have created a Social Media Planning Spreadsheet that outlines MY plan and can serve as the perfect template for yours.

It’s time to OWN your social media in 2013! (more…)