by Lisa Peyton, Executive Editor TMMPDX.COM

I’m SO excited to announce the official kick-off of our #tmmMentoring program. This has been a ‘work in-progress’ for several months and I am ELATED that it’s finally coming to fruition.

We have selected an AMAZING group of mentors and mentees and will be REVEALING our final pairings next week at our #tmmHappyHour Thoroughly Modern Mentorship Edition. Everyone is welcome to come out and toast our pilot program and support the industries freshest talent.

To learn more about the industry leaders that have VOLUNTEERED to be mentors, visit our #tmmMentoring page:

I am TRULY inspired by the digital marketing students who are looking to improve their skills and advance their careers by working with a TMM mentor. I would like to introduce our #tmmMentees:

lbLauren Botney
Please help me attain my goals while contributing to marketing business success by pursuing excellence in the #tmmMentoring program. You hold the key to unlocking my prison of dull, duller and dullest tax regulations…you offer the frosting on the cake- the practical experience that will allow me to present as a qualified candidate because, not in spite of, my non-traditional background.
svSkylar Voland
My perfect manager would be one that encourages ideas, encourages creativity, promotes great communication, gives criticism when needed as well as gives positivity of congratulations when deserved. The perfect manager shows the way through words and actions, inspires their employees to want to do better for them and the company. The perfect manager gives you someone to look up to and exudes a level in professionalism you’d want to achieve yourself.
ljLinda Jellison
My perfect manager understands my challenges and frustrations even if he or she doesn’t know every detail of my job. They are supportive and allow me the autonomy to take on the responsibilities involved with getting my work done without having to provide constant direction. They are approachable, personable and have a good sense of humor.
sdSteven DeTray
My perfect manager does not exist. There is no such thing as perfect. But if I were to describe the best manager possible it would go like this. A leader. I want a manager that talks to me….asks me tough questions regularly. Keeps an open dialogue of what the things I feel have been working well for me….as well as what some of my toughest challenges have been. I want a manager that leads me towards succeeding at my job and understanding business as a whole better.
lsLana Sappa
A perfect manager would help me set small and large goals, hone my skill set, and develop my professional career.
dsDara Smith
My perfect manager is someone who is a good leader. Someone who knows what they want and knows how to delegate to get it done right. I like managers who are collaborative but also decisive. It’s really important to me that a manager is communicative and specific. I don’t mind “need to know” situations, but find that it is more difficult for me to be an effective supporter without being able to see all the pieces of the puzzle. I love being in the support role on a team in work situations and finding a manager who appreciates that about me and knows how to use it while still being respectful of my life and time is my ideal.
nvNikola Vucinic
People describe me as respectful, kind, and honest. Many have commented about how they admire my integrity, that I can be counted on, and am trustworthy. Since I’m friendly and have a good sense of humor, a perfect manager would have similar traits and values comparable to those mentioned above.
amAaron Murray
No micro-managers please! My perfect manager is someone with high expectations, but someone that can step back and trust in my abilities. Not much can be learned if there isn’t any room for growth. Ideally, my manager would be able to support things being done in different ways. There is rarely only one way to do things, and if only one

way is allowed, then there isn’t much room for personal growth.

prPauline Ramos
My perfect manager would be someone who doesn’t micro manage, gives me space and lets me manage my own time but is there if I have questions or need feedback. I would like to work under someone mature that I could learn from who cares about my professional growth.
cdCody Dollowitch
I get inspired by interacting with passionate marketers and when I’m inspired I work harder. When I work harder I feel more fulfilled. I want to find myself more fulfilled, more often.
btBecky Thomas
My perfect manager is someone who gives me the tools to do my job and then trusts me to do it well. They’re also open to criticism and new ideas that will improve the end product. Open communication and collaboration are huge! If they’re truly perfect, they’ll help me shape my role in the company to leverage my skills, support my personal and professional goals and keep that caramel coffee creamer stuff in the office fridge at all times.
epEuri Park
I want to catch up and get some first hand experience, add to my portfolio, make new friends but mostly I think it’s to build my confidence up. All of the people I’ve met so far have been ridiculously kind, but marketing is an intimidating field to be quite frank.
egEliza Greenwood
I am interested in TMM Mentoring because I am eager to start my career in digital marketing. I find the reach of the internet fabulous and think I could add value with my unique skillset. I would love to help grow customer bases, improve user experience and optimize outreach efforts.
jmJaime Maier
A job where I get to go to engaging meetings with smart people, use my love for public speaking and feel like I am making a difference or leaving a mark would be my dream. My perfect manager would be someone who would give clear direction but then step back and let me work.
mpMike Paulsen
My perfect manager is compassionate, straight-forward, opinionated, creative and kind.