Featured Friend of the XR/AI Pub Crawl: Kelly Wade, Florida’s Natural

Featured Friend of the XR/AI Pub Crawl: Kelly Wade, Florida’s Natural

I first heard of Kelly Wade, the marketing director of Florida’s Natural Growers, as my best friend and I were driving to the coast. We were discussing how I could get larger, national brands to work with my students in a campaigns class I was teaching at the University of Oregon. Billie said she know a woman who worked with Florida’s Natural orange juice – and I was like, “WHAT?! – That’s PERFECT!”. The rest is history was we say, Kelly was extremely receptive to the idea of working with my students and we had a blast crafting campaigns for the brand that would excite and engage Gen Z, several of which included immersive elements.

Since that time, Kelly has continued to support the pub crawl and attend our monthly events. She’s an amazingly gifted and dedicated marketer who sees the potential that XR and AI offer to our profession. I’m THRILLED to feature Kelly this month and appreciate her thoughtful answers to a few questions that will hopefully help you get to know more about her role and her perspective on XR and AI. Enjoy!

What is your area of expertise?  

I’m a marketing/brand person.  My expertise is in CPG and traditional marketing, including product and packaging development and management, pricing, marketing comms, consumer insights and advocacy.

Why are you interested in XR and AI for marketing and communications?  

We’ve actually used augmented reality for a product line we had and we created an app in which scanning the carton package launched an AR video to see the carton come to life.  Although we’ve got that learning under our belt, we have discussed other opportunities, and we’ve had other projects compete for resources.

For a CPG brand, using XR to enhance the consumer experience, and what that looks like is really limited only by imagination, tying it to the equity of the brand.  For example, when we have people visit – vendor/partners, retailer customers, etc. – we usually include a grove tour including learning about the trees and fruit, how citrus is produced and picked, and usually also an in-grove tasting.  It’s ALWAYS the biggest hit of any visit.  Spatial XR offers an opportunity for the Florida’s Natural to extend that tour to anyone with a headset and drive the differentiation of the brand in consumers’ minds.

AI has lots of different applications, though I’m interested now in using it to automate labor-intensive, scenario-type tasks – pricing modeling, media buying, data interpretation, and really anywhere that would benefit from looking for patterns that may not be readily apparent.

I’m also interested in AI’s ability to generate and personalize content.  I think in general, advertising agencies have been slow to respond to AI.  Maybe it has something to do with Sam Altman claiming AI can do 95% of marketing, but there seems to be more openness and receptivity from agencies now.  The big holding companies seem to have dug into questions about usage and ownership, and these will be important for us to have a rock solid understanding up front.  If AI we generate an image, but some other entity actually owns it, what we can are able to use is limited.  I’ve got a meeting scheduled now with our agency to delve into these issues.

Do you currently leverage XR and AI for marketing or do you plan to in the near future?  

We don’t have any specific plans for XR and AI.  I think AI, especially, is becoming woven into a lot of our partners’ solutions, and if we dig into some of our work, it’s happening already.  For us, it will be about it driving value to the brand, ease of use, and affordability. 

Are You Ready for Your AI Double?

Are You Ready for Your AI Double?

Originally published on Linkedin

A few weeks ago I had a panic attack brought on by a sort-of existential crisis. It’s the first time, maybe ever, that I was so flooded with excitement (and anxiety) over advances in technology, that I needed to hit pause.

After discovering inspiring new, AI technology at AWE‘s Augmented World Expo (as I often do), I was obsessively working at all hours on an AI-enabled, 3D companion modeled after an old flame. (*See my comments on the disappointing virtual companion platform, Kupid.ai, below on WHY I needed to build it myself.)

A Modern Day Frankenstein

The project started innocently enough, I was trying to create a living persona based upon someone I knew, and they were the first person that jumped into my head. Fast forward several minutes and iterations later, and I had a VERY lifelike, 3D, talking character that looked like them, sounded like them, and almost verbatim said things that they had said, or things I wished they had said.  

The fact that I created this Frankenstein with zero coding knowledge sent me into my panic attack as I realized the implications this would have on the world around me. So, I got up from my computer and took my dog for a walk by the river, which is what I always do when faced with overwhelming anxiety.

AI Doubles Already In Action

AI versions of real people are ALREADY a thing but it’s never been THIS easy to build one. If you watched the season opener of Black Mirror, then you already understand the dark implications of a world where it’s possible to make AI-driven, lifelike versions of real-people and celebrities. Currently these types of AI doubles are reserved for the rich and famous but eventually this technology will trickle down to all of us, like it or not.

A Moment of Zen

Perhaps you can relate to my story of both AI infatuation and AI anxiety, as technology is rapidly reshaping both our personal and professional environments like a runaway train.

While we may not be able to control our external environments, we can take a pause and reflect on how we will internally navigate these changes and challenges. External experiences can be a powerful tool to better understand ourselves and help us find ways to manage fear, anxiety, and other uncomfortable emotions.

And while I WAS overwhelmed and likely will be again, my nature walk allowed me to reflect on some of the positive trends coming out of this AI revolution. You can get the deeper dive in the full post, Top 5 XR and AI marketing trends in 2023′ over on MarTech but here’s the spoiler:

#5) Scaling XR experiences enabled by immersive ad units, a BIG thanks to Joe WardDebbie Sorich and the entire team at Undertone for crafting these innovative ad units!

#4) Hardware transcends the headset slump – AR or rather mixed reality glasses ARE coming.

#3) 3D content made simple, with creative teams like the folks EyeJack helping to empower artists with 3D.

#2) Coming soon — an AI version of you! Companies like Doppl.ai are building them as I type this. Yeah, I’m going old school and actually writing my own copy, how primitive.

#1) There will be an AI for that!!! (Insert rimshot here, ‘da dum tss’)

Hopefully some humor and good old-fashioned community can help us navigate the challenges ahead. I’m here for all of it…and for you. ❤

No alt text provided for this image

Hope, fear, and AI

The Verge polled 2,000 people about how they’re using AI, what they want it to do, and what scares them about it the most. For me the good news is (and maybe for all of us), I’m NOT alone with it comes to my mixed emotions on this ever-expanding disruptor and most are in favor of regulations.

A few other key stats:

  • ChatGPT is the most well-known AI tool
  • AI use is dominated by Millennials and Gen Z (In other words, ALL of my students.)
  • Most people thought AD did a better job than they could have
  • Most people are having reactions similar to mine, feeling BOTH excited and anxious
  • 51% of American’s believe that AI will become sentient or ‘conscious’ – (WOWZA! I’m not alone in my wild predictions on AI doubles and companions either.) 

Monthly or Weekly: Cast your vote

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Join Our Next XR Pub Crawl August 25th at 12 noon PT

We’re taking July off to enjoy some much needed R&R and hope you’re doing the same. Our next live event will be the fourth Friday in August where we’ll be talking with the creators of the wildly successful and moving AR app to commemorate Breonna Taylor. This award winning activation is one of my all-time favorite AR experiences and I’m THRILLED to have the team from EyeJack join us to discuss the strategy behind it’s creation. Hope to see you there – simply, RSVP to the LinkedIn Invite.

Top Tools of the Month


Jasper is an AI tool trained to write original creative content like blog articles, social media posts, website copy, and other types of marketing content. They offer a free trial, so you can jump in and try it before you buy it. 


If ‘content automation’ sounds scary, Celtra, is trying to position this as a marketing super power. They offer a suite of services that help marketers scale personalized and dynamic content like ad units, videos, and images. Their capabilities include a studio to easily create endless variations of your latest digital campaign assets like dynamic product ads, dynamic video units that can have unique overlays, graphic call-outs and end-cards and a recently addes AI assistant that helps you with the entire process. No pricing is listed – read expensive – and they require a demo for sign-up.


Rasa.io takes email newsletters into the future with a platform that uses AI to help do everything from content creation to automated management to integrating with your favorite mail platform. They have a standard monthly subscription starting at $29 bucks per month. If I weren’t using LinkedIn for my newsletter, I would definitely check them out.


A great directory of the latest and greatest AI apps featuring categories for marketing, event management, image generation, writing, video generation, productivity, B2B, and so much more! 

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Top Fool of the Month


Kupid AI positions itself as offering “virtual friends and companions to engage in personalized and deep conversations.” They offer different AI ‘soulmates’ characterized by various interests such as cooking, art, gaming, and nature. They are quick to point out that all of the companions are AI-generated and any resemblance to real people is incidental. Duh.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect virtual companion since Yahoo chat rooms were a thing, so I was eager to explore what Kupid had to offer. I was SO SO SO disappointed to discover that the creators of this platform seem to think soulmates only come in one variety – a beautiful woman under the age of 30. To be clear, I’m all for virtual companionship and it’s many forms from cybersex to online knitting forums. Frankly, I think it’s more ethical to ‘use’ an AI companion for sex than one powered by a real person. However, given today’s rainbow of identity and gender options, it’s extremely short-sighted to not bring some diversity into the mix. I provided this candid feedback via their website, we’ll see if they listen.


June’s XR Pub Crawl On-Demand: Birthday bash in Spatial.io

I’m extremely grateful for all who joined me last month for my virtual birthday party! Thanks to Olivier Moingeon for the insightful presentation and fielding some tough questions. We discussed the latest trend of branded quests in platforms like Roblox and Spatial, how these quests are measured, and some strategic factors to consider.

Once we ate our vegetables, it was time for CAKE in the 3D spatial.io gallery I created for my NFT collection of AI flower fairy PFP’s (that’s short for profile pic, just in case your old like moi!). The site is still live, so if you missed the broadcast, you can jump in and explore.

No alt text provided for this image

I’m working with Exclusible to get my flower fairy collection minted and ready to be claimed by friends of the XR Pub Crawl. Stay tuned for more details on that and one of these haunting portraits can be yours.

XR/AI Marketing News

L’ Occitane takes customers to Provence – via metaverse

L’Occitane isn’t the first to use the Emperia platform to combine the metaverse with a retail shopping experience. I recently visited the Tatcha activation where I chatted with a Zon monk on the benefits of forest bathing and took a stroll through a breathtaking old-growth forest. You can learn more about these projects and others on Emperia’s website.

Sarah Silverman Sues OpenAI And Meta Over Copyright Infringement

Article summary: it’s complicated. The Forbes post provides details on several pending lawsuits. These legal ramifications will likely not be ironed out for years to come, making enterprise and large businesses shy to use AI technology for content generation. 

We tried Threads, Meta’s new Twitter rival. Here’s what happened

Yeah, Threads happened this month. This post on the Guardian provides some fresh perspective from our UK counterparts. One challenge with the platform is that it’s not available in the EU due to privacy concerns. That doesn’t make it optimal for communicating with my global tech geek network, many of whom live in Germany and France. Probably not optimal for global brands either. 

Adobe indemnity clause designed to ease enterprise fears about AI-generated art

If the above legal issues has your legal team preventing you from using AI, Adobe Firefly might be the solution you’re looking for. They train their models only on images they own the rights to and thereby pass that safety onto their customers. 

More XR/AI News:

LinkedIn Launches Live Test of Generative AI Posts

11 AI Video Generators to Use in 2023

NVIDIA CEO: Creators Will Be ‘Supercharged’ by Generative AI

Roblox Opens Immersive Ad Partner Programme at Cannes Lions

Luxury Giant LVMH Strikes Deals with Epic Games and Apple for Creative Transformation

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Will Apple’s Vision Pro Make Headsets Mainstream?

Will Apple’s Vision Pro Make Headsets Mainstream?

Originally published on LinkedIn, By Lisa Peyton

The short answer is: NO, at least not this first-gen version of their AR headgear but if you want the more nuanced answer read on.

Perhaps the biggest XR news over the last month was Apple’s announcement of their highly anticipated AR glasses and their new, spatial operating system, Apple Vision Pro. With Oculus founder Palmer Luckey saying it is “so good” in a recent tweet, the tech world can’t help but sit up and take notice. Marketers also need to pay close attention, for in the same way bringing the internet onto a mobile device (think the first iPhone, if you’re old enough to remember) shifted marketing forever, so will the transition from phones and tablets to eyewear and more intuitive methods of consuming the digital content all around us.

Preparing for a chat on the subject with CNN reporter Jennifer Korn, for her post entitled “Apple is determined to make headsets cool”, I read through all of the first-hand accounts of those who have used the headset along with watching the official announcement. I was struck by a few insights:

  • Apple featured both personal and professional use cases for the glasses, even including manufacturing examples, which felt to me like they are unsure where this technology will get traction. The high-price, $3500 bucks, will ensure a limited run and will allow Apple to work with enthusiasts on fine-tuning the platform for future and more affordable versions.
  • Despite the capability of ‘seeing’ the real world through the glasses via near real-time video input from front cameras, several reporters who tried the device, said it felt rather isolating and like they weren’t connected with the real-world around them. Apple might be one step closer to creating a device that can overlay digital content into a real-world environment AND block out that same environment when a user wants to escape into a 3D game or movie; however advances will need to be made in order to make that as seamless as we would like.
  • The headset weighs 1 pound and has enough battery life for a two hour movie. Although still lighter than the Meta’s Quest headset, I think consumers will struggle with wearing a 1 pound device on their head for any prolonged amount of time.
  • Apple is boasting that all of their current iPad and iPhone apps will be compatible at launch, but how will these apps handle one of Vision Pro’s selling points – the use of hand and eye tracking to navigate through content.
  • Apple also announced a partnership with Unity indicating that Unity-based games like Monument Valley, Beatsaber, Pokemon Go, and Candycrush will be accessible on the new OS. If this is done successfully, and they can bring the price down, it may help lead to mass adoption. Can you imagine Monument Valley in 3D?! I can’t wait!

You can head over to CNN.com to read the entire article, where the reporter was kind enough to give me the last word, “Apple knows that the technology is going to get more compact, sleeker, and eventually they will be able to make a super sexy pair of glasses. I have no doubt,” Peyton said. “It’s going to be maybe two or three years away, maybe more than that, but they’ll get there.”

No alt text provided for this image

XR Pub Crawl My Birthday Edition: Join us LIVE June 23rd at noon PT

This month the XR Pub Crawl will be joined by Web3, metaverse and NFT expert, Olivier Moingeon, founder and COO of Exclusible. This immersive agency has worked with such brands as Vogue, Deloitte, and PWC and most recently launched the successful Hugo Boss quest in Spatial.io promoting their new spring collection. We’ll explore the Hugo Boss world and celebrate my birthday in a 3D space built just for us! Join in the fun live and you may even win your own, exclusive, NFT profile pic. 😍 Zoom link found in our LinkedIn event invite, hope to see you there!

Top Tools of the Month



My latest obsession is Runway Gen-2 – a text to video tool that lets you create videos like the one above in just a few seconds. For this fairy-fest video short, I used the prompt: masterpiece video of group doing a pub crawl in Apple’s AR vision pro goggles in the style of Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies. It obviously didn’t nail it but it came damn close. The tool uses a freemium model so you can try it out for free and upgrade for as little as $15 USD per month.


Jetpack AI Assistant integrates with any WordPress website or blog. The interface lets you engage with AI as if you were chatting with a colleague. This tool allows you to generate diverse content on command without having to leave the WordPress content management system. I’m sure my students will be using this for their blog assignments. Pricing starts at less than $10 monthly.


Machined completely automates the entire SEO content process by automating keyword research, keyword clustering, and internal linking. The tool then creates high-quality articles that according to their website, ‘resonates with readers’. Marketers can write hundreds or even thousands of articles at the same time. This tool costs $49 per month and an additional $0.50 per article paid directly to ChatGPT.


Beautiful.ai helps you build stunning presentations in minutes. This presentation maker has the designer built-in so you can just add your notes, data, or anything else and the tool does the rest. Pricing starts at $12 bucks per month. https://www.linkedin.com/embeds/publishingEmbed.html?articleId=8219414074179495377&li_theme=light

May’s XR Pub Crawl Experiential Marketing Edition On-Demand

Last month we explored Fidelity Investments Pancake Empire Tower Tycoon Experience in Roblox. Joey Jeter from Buoy Studio answered our questions on the strategy behind the experience, the KPI’s, and provided insider info on the design of this wildly successful game that provides financial education to Tweens. And be warned, the game is highly addictive…and will make you crave pancakes.

XR/AI Marketing News

From Botco.ai marketing industry AI report: https://insights.botco.ai/the-state-of-genai-chatbots-in-marketing-report?utm_campaign=%5BDownload%5D%20The%20State%20of%20GenAI%20Chatbots%20in%20Marketing&utm_source=Botco.ai%20Webpage&utm_medium=link

AI Rise: Most Firms Are Using It For Marketing Despite Inaccuracies

Yes, it’s true, 73% of agencies have admitted to using generative AI tools to create text, images, videos and other marketing content. The most common uses among marketing firms include crafting email and website copy, social media posts, and customer support chatbots. The article cites research done by Botco.ai, which you can find in their latest industry report, State of GenAI for Marketing.

The Inconvenient Truths about Metaverse Interoperability

Another great post from the team at Metaversed highlighting the challenges arising around building a true metaverse, one that allows you to take your avatar and virtual assets from one virtual world to another. Among the challenges was on surprising realization that there is no real demand for this function currently. 

Elizabeth Arden Enters Metaverse with Virtual Store

One of the industries where 3D virtual stores make sense, fashion and beauty brands are embracing the metaverse and providing immersive experiences for their customer base. 

Google Makes Big AI Announcements at I/O 2023: What to Know

Some of the important updates include AI features being added to Google search, new AI writing tools for Gmail, and the ability to create documents, slides, and spreadsheets with AI in Google Workspace apps like Docs, Slides, and Sheets. Once again, I’m sure my students will be using these tools as well. 

MarTech’s Metaverse Marketing Experts to Follow

Extremely honored and humbled to be included on this list from MarTech, with the likes of Nonny de la Peña, PhD and Cathy Hackl. WOW! #CareerHighlight

More XR/AI News:

Apple’s AR glasses are here. Fashion is watching

How Are XR Firms Leveraging Artificial Intelligence? 

The Power of Cross Reality (XR) in Marketing and Advertising

McKinsey says ‘about half’ of its employees are using generative AI

Google tool helps developers create XR experiences

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XR + AI = A Content Revolution with Unlimited Possibilities

XR + AI = A Content Revolution with Unlimited Possibilities

Originally published on LinkedIn, by Lisa Peyton

We are witnessing a content revolution.

Generative AI is taking our industry by storm and every marketer out there needs to pay close attention. Generative AI solves one of our major challenges – creating TONS of unique and compelling content. Our always-on, digital world has forced us to become publishers of hyper-relevant content to connect with and reach our audiences.

The advent of Web3, the Metaverse and other immersive technologies arms us with powerful tools to build an emotional connection with audiences all over the globe. However, building 3D content to fill entire worlds is an expensive and daunting task and has been a blocker for mass adoption by marketing teams. That is no longer the case.

AI Democratizing Creative

AI tools have matured to a point where anyone and I mean ANYONE can create amazing, mind-blowing, and unique content. The list of AI content creation tools and use cases across our industry is massive, so I’m focusing on where my passion lies – at the intersection of XR and AI for marketing and strategic communications

You can read my comprehensive article on Martech.org where I outline several specific marketing use cases for this happy marriage. There a potentially MILLIONS more, so consider this a humble beginning of a continuing series on this unparalleled content paradigm shift and lets all Vive la révolution! 

Join the XR Pub Crawl Experiential Marketing Edition May 26th at Noon PT

XR Pub Crawl Experiential Marketing Edition: Join Me Live May 26th at Noon PT

Block your calendars and join Billie Goldman and myself for our next LIVE XR Pub Crawl on May 26th at noon PT as we explore experiential marketing campaigns powered by BuoyOla Björling will be on-hand to show off their latest work in the XR space. Bring your questions and get ready to explore some cool tech. 😎

Top Tools of the Month

No alt text provided for this image


This month I’ve been playing around with the premium versions of AI ad creative tools. One of my favorites is adcreative.ai. The featured image above for our next XR Pub Crawl was generated in just a few clicks using this platform. It has several integrations and features that make it a compelling tool to help create thousands of different ad variations. Pricing starts at about $200 per month, definitely worth a test drive if your team struggles with fresh visuals for social media content.


Another AI content tool, Lately.ai, generates copy and visuals for socials posts from text, audio, or VIDEO. That’s right, this tool will take your hour long talking head video and break it down into snackable social shorts. The AI-generated captions do need LOTS of work but the video editing feature alone can save you tons of time and cash creating all those short-form videos.


This is my FAVORITE generative AI imaging tool and I look for any excuse to jump in and use it. The tool was once open and free to all, however, recently it required me to purchase a subscription for about $10 bucks per month. This tool creates powerful and artistic images in seconds with only a few text prompts. Every agency I have spoken with over the last few months have all admitted to using this tool extensively to help ideate, create mood boards, test and prototype design work, and even create ad creative. Keep in mind any images you create on this platform, unless significantly edited, is in the public domain and anyone can use it without restriction – including YOU!

If you’re new to this tool, the quick start guide is the place to start and for more guidance you can check out the recording of my XR Pub Crawl AI edition.

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Augmented World Expo VIP Invite

I have curated an early-access tour of Augmented World Expo’s show floor featuring the latest immersive technology changing the face of marketing today. You’ll learn about cutting-edge technologies, successful case studies, and best practices for successfully leveraging immersive technologies like the metaverse and augmented reality into your marketing mix. Visit https://www.awexr.com/ to learn more about the largest, global XR event in the industry.

This special invite includes:

  • A complimentary, full-access, VIP, 3-day pass to join the world’s premier AR & VR event in Santa Clara, May 31-June 2, 2023
  • An intimate, early-access tour of the show floor featuring technologies impacting marketing and communications Thursday June 1st
  • A front row seat at our presentation – How Intel and Microsoft Leveraged Immersive Technology to Connect with Developers
  • Invite to the VIP and speaker networking event Wednesday May 31st

Space is limited, so please complete this request ASAP to join in the fun: https://www.awexr.com/usa-2023/xr-pub-crawl

We would LOVE to see you there! 


April’s XR Pub Crawl AI Edition On-Demand

If you’re interested in gaining a more nuanced understanding of AI and marketing content creation, check out my latest XR Pub Crawl event where Billie Goldman and I discussed this rich topic with AI expert PJ Pereira. He walked us through his philosophy when it comes to AI anxiety and provide a hands-on demo of powerful, generative AI image creation platform, Midjourney.

XR/AI Marketing News

Midjourney 5.1 Arrives – And It’s Another Leap Forward For AI Art

Midjourney is hands-down the best generative image tool out there and it keeps getting better. This recent Forbes article outlines the updates in the new version and shows some ‘before and after’ examples of the improvements.

How Roblox is Bringing AI to the Metaverse

Roblox is democratizing 3D content creation by integrating generative AI tools into it’s platform. Learn more about their long-term goal to put these powerful tools into the hands of their community.

Dealing with AI Anxiety

You’re not along when it comes to feeling conflicted about the latest advances in AI technology. This post shares a framework that can help marketers gain perspective on how these tools impact their individual lives, their company, and humanity at large.

A CEO’s Guide to the Metaverse

This recent report by McKinsey predicts the metaverse to be a $4 trillion to $5 trillion dollar industry by 2030. Leading the list of use cases with the highest potential are brand marketing and consumer engagement. Interested now?! It’s a must-read for any experiential brand marketer.

More XR/AI News:

Leak: TikTok is launching generative AI avatars, and here’s what they look like

Hollywood writers are fighting the studios on AI, but not for the reason you think

Latest NVIDIA Graphics Research Advances Generative AI’s Next Frontier

Microsoft and AMD are reportedly teaming up to combat Nvidia’s AI dominance

Unleash Your Creativity with AI-Generated Avatar Outfits in Ready Player Me Labs

Roblox launches its first generative AI game creation tools

How Are XR Firms Leveraging Artificial Intelligence? 

Cannes XR Debuts Ukraine, Banksy VR Experiences

Big XR News from Meta, Google, Unity, T-Mobile, KPMG

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