Company: Lightspeed Systems

Social Media Marketing Team: Lisa Peyton, Danielle Lee, Amy Bennett, Illeana Rowe

Campaign Length: 9 months

The Challenge

Lightspeed Systems develops comprehensive network security and management solutions for the education market. The primary challenge was to build and promote social media platforms that connected with their hard to reach, target audience and were seamlessly integrated into their website.

Lightspeed Systems

Lightspeed Systems

Lightspeed’s target market of educators, school district superintendents, and school district IT managers were beginning to have conversations online and it was our job to find those conversations and present to the client the important themes and topics that their market was discussing so they could address it directly. The other challenge was to identify and address both the positive and negative feedback that educators and students were facing with Lightspeed’s products and the products of their competitors.

The Solution

Bonfire worked with team members Amy Bennett and Illeana Rowe to develop a Blog, custom YouTube Profile, custom Facebook page and Twitter profile. These updated profiles would be used for promoting content, monitoring community conversations for valuable information, and ultimately increasing Search Engine visibility and sales.

Taking Part in the Discussion

Lightspeed Twitter

Lightspeed Twitter

One of Lightspeed’s primary products is an Internet filter for schools that allows schools to customize which websites students and educators can access. One of our primary strategies was to closely monitor the discussion online using branded and targeted keywords to identify the positive feedback, frustrations, and questions the community was having about Lightspeed and their competitor’s products. We were able to provide the Lightspeed team with real-time, actionable information that we would address directly via Twitter or Facebook or present to the particular districts sales manager to address directly. This

Lightspeed Twitter

Lightspeed Twitter

process allowed us to identify and solve problems that users of Lightspeed’s products were having, address general concerns or questions that educators had about Internet filtering, and connect with dissatisfied users of our competitor’s products to present the Lightspeed alternative. This strategy also provided an opportunity to present the positive feedback that users were expressing online and connect educators in the same district who were using or had questions about Lightspeed’s products. Educators, IT managers, and principals are passionate about sharing with their community what works and we were able to capture this sentiment, direct it to the Lightspeed team, and allow the Lightspeed team to present this to their regions for additional insight.

Lighten up already!

Information technology, Internet filtering, and other topics related to education can be heavy and become difficult for the community to digest. We launched several engagement strategies that would lighten up the conversation and provide fun ways for the community to get involved.

The first was the weekly Community Question where we presented a general topic or question via Facebook, the blog and Twitter to the community. Education professionals from all areas of the industry came together and discussed what was working for them and what wasn’t, tips and advice, and lighthearted commentary on educator’s day-to-day observations. The Facebok page went from an inactive, static, one-way conversation with no post views, to an active and engaging page with close to 20,000 post views in December.

Lightspeed Rocket

Lightspeed Rocket

We also launched a “Where in the World is the Lightspeed Rocket” contest. Lightspeed’s pseudo-mascot is a little yellow rocket that is handed out to customers and at trade shows. The idea was to get people to post an image of their rocket on the Facebook wall in interesting and amusing locations. This was another way of bringing personality and community engagement to a brand that is otherwise very professional and serious.

Increased Brand Awareness

There is a never ending discussion online about education, the problems our country faces, new technology, solutions, hot topics, etc., and it was important to position Lightspeed within the discussion without pushing marketing and sales messages. One of the ways we increased our brand exposure was through a very targeted Facebook ad campaign with pinpoint messaging at their target demographic. This not only increased the Lightspeed fan base, but positioned the brand in front of the right audience at the right time.

In addition, we closely monitored and updated the community at key times when the community was most active. Tuesday’s were #edchat days and using this along with other hashtags, we were able to present a strategic message just when the audience was thinking or discussing related topics. Promoting events was another tactic that we used and using the hashtags and mentions of the events, during the events, increased the awareness of Lightspeed’s presence at the events and allowed them to make connections with other industry professionals during those events.

The Results

Our strategic planning and execution equated to increased brand awareness, one-on-one communication with the target audience, and an active online community that supported the Lightspeed brand.

Result Details

Metrics based upon data at the start of the 9 month campaign as compared to data at the campaign’s conclusion:

Facebook Fans increased 41%

Facebook post views increased 18,777%

Twitter Followers increased 1063%