If you follow me on Twitter, you KNOW I’m a HUGE tennis fan. I have been since @Becker_Boris won Wimbledon at fifteen years old. Having only managed to make it to the Davis Cup, here in Portland, I’m TOTALLY EXCITED about heading to my first major grand slam, the #USOpen!

Spending hours watching the US Open Series made me start to think about how the players were using social media to report on their activities. This year’s Olympic games were filled with Twitter trend reports from Ryan Secrest, finally cementing the fact that Twitter had become a mainstream method of communication. So is your favorite player tweeting? Take a look at the follower count for the top players below. Which tennis Twitter accounts do you follow? Be sure to comment below with your picks to follow as we gear up for the US Open!

Do YOU Play Professional Tennis and Tweet?

I would love to hear from you. I have put together a quick survey for professional tennis players and need your participation. My goal is to learn about how the professional tennis industry manages their Twitter accounts and if there are any beneficial outcomes. All information will be reported on ANONYMOUSLY and you can get a copy of my findings.

Want a Comprehensive List?

If you’re looking for an exhaustive list of professional tennis tweeters, check-out this post from GrandSlamGal. Another great resource is this directory put together by tweeting-athletes.com.

Top 10 Men (Plus a few)

1) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/FedererNews
170K Followers – FAN posting news, couldn’t find an account managed by the Fed himself.

2) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/DjokerNole
1 Million Followers

3) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/RafaelNadal
2.9 Million Followers – Authentic and multilingual posts.

4) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/andy_murray
1.1 Million Followers – Rarely updates.

5) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/DavidFerrer87
170K Followers – No English, all Spanish.

6) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/tsonga7
100K Followers – All/mostly french.

7) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/TomasBerdych
3K Followers – Not updated in 2012.

8) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/TipsarevicJanko
123,000 Followers – Great insider photos and candid quips about life on tour. Funny and unexpected.
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9) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/delpotrojuan
900K Followers – All Portuguese, BUMMER!

10) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/JohnIsner

11) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/picomonaco

16) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/TheDolgo
10K Followers- Tweeted pics of his new CHROME car!

19) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/milosraonic

21) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/andyroddick
1 Million Followers – Funny, honest, quality over quantity.

Top 10 Women

1) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/vika7
100K Followers – Shopping purchases and BAAAD texting slang.

2) http://www.facebook.com/Sharapova
7 million fans on Facebook NOT on Twitter, she claims she is ‘too boring.’

3) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/ARadwanska
18K Followers – Not updated since November.

4) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/serenawilliams
3 Million Followers

5) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/Petra_Kvitova
17K Followers – Nice, authentic and on topic. Photos of other tennis pros.

6) Sam Stosur – NOT on Twitter

7) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/AngeliqueKerber

8) https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/CaroWozniacki

9) Li Na – Couldn’t Find on Twitter

10) http://twitter.com/SaraErraniSite

Honorable Mentions

https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/AndreAgassi – GREAT role model off the court and on Twitter. Relevant tweets with inspiring shout-outs to fans and priceless pics. WAY to go Andre!

https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/darren_cahill – Personable, approachable, generously sharing insider info.

https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/Martina – Political, honest, encouraging debate and VERY active on Twitter.

https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/ChrissieEvert – Great pics and conversations with other tennis greats!

https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/PatrickMcEnroe – Topical and informed tennis updates.

https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/bgtennisnation – GREAT and current photos from the men’s tour!