This broadcast features Portland marketing executive, Raime Merriman. She discusses her role as president of Portland Female Executives or Learn how to get involved with this supportive women’s group as Raime discusses details about their upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and open board positions.

We are also joined by TMMPDX Senior Editor, Heather English, who shares her insights on women in the workplace. Despite the fact that more women are graduating with advanced degrees than men, women aren’t filling the top executive roles at Fortune 50o companies. We’ll look at some recent stats and discuss some of the reason why women are still shut out of leadership roles.

This 30 min broadcast covers:

  • Portland Female Executives group, a Portland based group supporting education and networking for women
  • How to bring a Girlrising screening to a neighborhood theater near you
  • Advice on how to move up the corporate ladder
  • Discussion around WHY more women aren’t in leadership roles

Articles Discussed: