If you know me well, you know that I’m a HUGE fan of Chris Matthews and his talk show Hardball. He served as the inspiration for my first attempt at hosting a spirited panel for the digital marketing and social media industry.

#tmmTV will be a recurring Google+ Hang Out On Air series broadcasting Thursdays at 5pm PST. Be sure to join our next broadcast LIVE on January 17th and tweet us your questions using the #tmmTV hashtag. If you’re looking for links to the articles we discussed in this broadcast, be sure to check-out this week’s #tmmTops post.

In this informative hour long broadcast our panel of digital strategists discuss the the latest industry news, review their favorite new tools and answer audience questions.

You’ll learn:

  • What made NEWS this week in the digital marketing industry
  • New social media metrics our panelists are tracking for their clients
  • The role social media can play in your overall marketing strategy
  • How to transition a personal social media profile to a more professionally focused network
  • Our experts favorite digital marketing tools that you NEED in your toolbox
  • Tips on using Storify to help prove the value of your social media campaigns (Our panelist, Andrew Grossman, outlines how he has used Storify in this recent blog post.)

This week’s panel includes:

Amanda Bernard, Director of Digital Strategy for ISITE Design

Joel Bornzin, Senior Editor of FacebookAdvanced.com and digital strategist and active
Facebook page community manager

Lara Haele, Digital Marketing Strategist and Project Manager at White Horse

Andrew Grossman, Social Media Strategist and Community Manager at PGE