Featured Friend of the XR/AI Pub Crawl: Victor Paru, ‘Idea Guy’ at Paru Digital

Featured Friend of the XR/AI Pub Crawl: Victor Paru, ‘Idea Guy’ at Paru Digital

I first met Victor Paru at our in-person pub crawl in Portland. I remember it was a warm summer day and we had all alighted at a large, wooden table outside at on of my local haunts near the river. Victor was an old pal of Billie’s, having worked together at Intel for several years. Victor was a believer in immersive tech and was excited about what the future held for immersive media and communications.

That was almost a year ago and Victor has attended every pub crawl since. I’m thrilled to share his expertise and passion with our community.

What is your area of expertise?  

I am fluent in creativity, and thrive when I can “SHOW vs TELL” a targeted audience about a new product, service or opportunity. Video and imaging combined with live events are among my strengths and passions.

Why are you interested in XR and AI for marketing and communications?  

Throughout my career, I’ve engaged audiences across physical stages and digital screens. As an AI champion, I recognize its potential and challenges. Innovative marketing and communications are essential in this new era, where good messages and experiences build trust and community. I think AR excites me the most within the XR universe at this time, navigating the real world with its digital potential. 

Do you currently leverage XR and AI for marketing or do you plan to in the near future?  

Yes, I am currently a SW Tech Marketing Engineer at Intel focused on AI technologies and develop demos for executives and events. I have also been running my own agency (Paru Digital) since 2010, providing digital media production and creative services. I continue to integrate AI into my workflows to advance projects and help clients navigate new tools and services to reach new possibilities.

Featured Friend of the XR Pub Crawl: Claire Weingarten

Featured Friend of the XR Pub Crawl: Claire Weingarten

I first met Claire, I believe, at one of my first XR Pub Crawl events over a year ago. I had just started hosting the virtual, monthly event for a small group of eager and enthusiastic marketers looking to leverage the power of emerging technologies. She connected with me on LinkedIn and quickly became an engaged and valuable member of our community.

I was fortunate enough to meet Claire in-person at AWE 2023, as she made the trip from New York out to the bay area to attend the XR Pub Crawl’s AWE experience and extravaganza. A two-day event that included a private preview of the showroom floor and a delicious and intimate dinner in San Jose. I immediately recognized her experience and talent within the media industry and realized she had a bright future within the XR and immersive communications.

I’m THRILLED to feature Claire as the very first ‘Friend of the XR Pub Crawl’, as part of my series dedicated to our small but mighty community. You can connect with Claire on LinkedIn and join our next monthly LIVE event happening the third Friday of the month at noon PT. Hope to see you there!

What is your area of expertise?

Visual media has long been an area of expertise for me, and with bachelors and masters degrees in cinema studies, my professional life has spanned a number of arts-related fields–film, streaming video, journalism and social media programming. Several years ago my passion and expertise evolved beyond video-based media to also include immersive experiences and emerging technologies that are creating entirely new channels of communication.

Why are you interested in XR and AI for marketing and communications?

I believe emerging technologies like XR and AI can be instrumental in creating the most meaningful immersive experiences marketers and communicators are able to design for audiences. We have not yet scratched the surface of what these experiential marketing tools are capable of inspiring in audiences who can be transformed by meaningful interactions with brands–interactions that are not possible with more traditional marketing methods.

What are your career aspirations? What do you want to be when you grow up?

I don’t know that I can point to one exact role, however I know it’s vital for me to always be exploring new frontiers in emerging  story-telling mediums, experiential communication and immersive engagements.

The Seven Pillars of AI in Marketing: A Future-Ready Guide & Infographic

The Seven Pillars of AI in Marketing: A Future-Ready Guide & Infographic

A comprehensive list of marketing tasks that can benefit from generative AI application compiled by Lisa Peyton.

Comprehensive List of Marketing Tasks for Generative AI Application

1. Content Creation and Management

  • Copywriting: Generating ad copy, blog posts, social media content, product descriptions.
  • Graphic Design: Creating visual content for campaigns, social media, websites.
  • Video Production: Generating and editing promotional or instructional videos.
  • Content Personalization: Tailoring content to individual customer preferences and behaviors.
  • SEO Optimization: Enhancing content for better search engine ranking.

2. Data Analysis and Insights

  • Market Research: Analyzing market trends and consumer behavior.
  • Customer Data Analysis: Gaining insights from customer data to drive marketing strategies.
  • Performance Analytics: Measuring the success of marketing campaigns and initiatives.
  • Predictive Analysis: Forecasting market trends and consumer behavior.

3. Customer Engagement and Experience

  • Chatbots and Customer Service: Handling customer queries and providing information.
  • Email Marketing: Personalizing and automating email campaigns.
  • Social Media Management: Curating and scheduling social media posts, engaging with followers.
  • Customer Feedback Analysis: Analyzing feedback to improve products and services.

4. Campaign Optimization and Management

  • Ad Targeting and Placement: Optimizing the targeting and placement of digital ads.
  • Campaign Analysis: Evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Budget Allocation: Optimizing the marketing budget for maximum ROI.
  • A/B Testing: Automating the process of A/B testing for various marketing elements.

5. Product Marketing and Strategy

  • Product Launch Strategies: Planning and executing product launches.
  • Brand Strategy Development: Crafting and maintaining brand identity and messaging.
  • Market Segmentation: Identifying and targeting specific market segments.
  • Pricing Strategy: Utilizing AI to set and adjust pricing strategies.

6. Digital Marketing and E-commerce

  • Website Personalization: Tailoring website experiences for individual visitors.
  • E-commerce Optimization: Improving online shopping experiences and conversion rates.
  • Online Reputation Management: Monitoring and influencing the online reputation of a brand.
  • Mobile Marketing: Creating and optimizing marketing for mobile platforms.

7. Event Marketing and Public Relations

  • Event Planning and Promotion: Automating aspects of event planning and promotional activities.
  • Press Release Writing and Distribution: Generating and disseminating press releases.
  • Public Sentiment Analysis: Analyzing public sentiment towards the brand or products.
  • Influencer Marketing: Identifying and collaborating with influencers.

Additional Considerations:

  • Prioritize tasks based on the organization’s specific goals and resource availability.
  • Evaluate the current level of technology adoption and staff proficiency in AI to determine training needs.
  • Continuously monitor and adapt to emerging AI capabilities and marketing trends.

This comprehensive list can guide marketing departments in identifying key areas where generative AI can be leveraged to enhance efficiency, creativity, and effectiveness in their operations.

An AI Love Letter to Marketers

An AI Love Letter to Marketers

In the dawn of the digital sky,

Marketers look up, wondering why.

“Why are we burdened with tasks so small,

When our dreams are big and there’s sky for all?”

AI whispers, “Fear not, my friend,

For I am here to help you ascend.

In a year or less, you’ll see the light,

Automated tasks take flight in the night.”

Five years ahead, in the tale we weave,

AI’s magic you’ll start to believe.

Creative sparks and data so grand,

Together we’ll walk, hand in hand.

Ten years on, the landscape’s new,

Ethics and knowledge in everything we do.

We’ll paint the skies with colors so bright,

A blend of human touch and AI’s might.

Twenty years hence, what will we find?

A world reshaped by the creative mind.

AI’s not a foe but a muse so divine,

In the tapestry of time, together we’ll shine.

So marketers, listen, the future’s clear,

With AI by side, there’s nothing to fear.

Dream big, aim high, let your spirits soar, In the symphony of progress, forevermore.

The AI Marketing Revolution Challenge: Introduction and Building an AI Persona

The AI Marketing Revolution Challenge: Introduction and Building an AI Persona

Hey there, marketing mavericks – Are you ready to unlock the power of AI? Welcome to “The AI Marketing Revolution: 10 Challenges to Ignite Your Campaigns.” This is your personal roadmap to learning about how to master AI for marketing. Think of me as your trusted coach and mentor, guiding you through hands-on challenges that are designed to stretch your skills, enrich your campaigns, and elevate your understanding of generative AI. You can find the video series over on my YouTube channel and here on my blog.

You’re A Winner Baby!

Over the course of the next several weeks, I’ll create a short video tutorial explaining a hands-on exercise that you can start using to improve your marketing campaigns TODAY. All of those who complete the 10 challenges and share their results will be eligible to win an AMAZING prize package – those fun details are coming soon so stay tuned!

To be entered to win, just use the challenge hashtag, #AIMarketingRevolutionChallenge, to post a comment on LinkedIn sharing your thoughts an/or results of each challenge. I can’t wait to see what we’re all going to discover together.

This challenge is part of my upcoming series of articles, “Decoding Generative AI: A Marketer’s Guide to Text-Based and Visual AI Content”. You can find all of my AI content including the videos for this challenge in my XR/AI Marketing Brief, be sure to subscribe to get all the juicy updates.

AI Marketing Revolution Challenge Video #1

AI Marketing Revolution Challenge Video #1 Links and Resources


XR/AI Marketing Brief:


XR Pub Crawl for Marketing & Communications:


ChatGPT: https://chat.openai.com/

ChatGPT Sample Prompt:

Build a persona for a marketing director of a large corporation in the US that is focused on selling a technology platform. The goals of this person is to leverage the latest AI and XR tools to increase sales, collect qualified leads and increase market share for the companies technology platform. Include specific details about goals, pain-points and decision criteria for selecting a marketing consultant.

ChatGPT Sample Prompt:

Build a persona for a new or mid-career marketing professional looking to gain additional skills around using the latest technology to connect with their audiences.