2010 Facebook Case Study: Power Rangers Samurai Flex Facebook Fierceness


Brand: Power Rangers Samurai
Social Media Marketing Team: Rob Hughes, Lisa Peyton, Ryan Lewis, William Crane, Mitch Daugherty
Campaign Length: 3 months
Results: Facebook ‘likes’ increased by 200,000 and Facebook interactions grew to almost 2,000 per day!
Social Media Award Finalist: SoMe’s 2011

The Team


The Goal – Saving the world from TOTAL DESTRUCTION

Saban Brands needed to create buzz and excitement surrounding the premiere of the new Power Rangers series airing in February. They had created a website and Facebook page but were unsure of how to get traction within the already thriving Power Rangers fan community online. With dozens of Facebook pages already dedicated to the Power Rangers, Saban needed to ensure their page was the leading source for information and fan interaction. Bonfire’s task was to grow the Facebook community as quickly as possible before the launch of the new series, February 7th 2011. Let the battle begin!


  • To combat fan boredom and apathy and save the world from total destruction!


  • Facebook Fierceness


  • 3 months prior to launch of Samurai series Feb 07, 2011

Fan Growth: Gathering the troops

Our first objective was to create a platform for fans to share their love for the Power Rangers brand. We wanted to feature the fans and make the Facebook page about THEIR interpretation of the brand. We created a Fan Art Contest and allowed the community to vote on the artwork that would be highlighted as our Facebook page profile image. We also created a Mighty Members collectors album featuring fan photos of all their cool Power Rangers collectibles. Within our 3 month campaign we quickly collected 600 images from our collectors.


  • Increase Facebook interactions by featuring fan content


  • Facebook fan art contest
  • Mighty Members collectors photo albums
  • Tuesday Trivia

Mighty Members Collectors Album

Tuesday Trivia

We quickly learned that the fans knew more about all the seasons of Power Rangers than we did. We wanted to make sure to challenge the die-hard fans and solicited tough trivia questions from the community. Regularly updating the page with fan-created trivia improved Facebook interactions dramatically. The winners were listed in the Power Rangers ‘Wall of Fame’ as being some of our SUPER fans.

Fan Advocacy: Arming the troops

Once our numbers began to grow, we wanted to arm fans with easy to share assets allowing them to be ‘brand advocates’.


  • Arm our troops with tools to help them become brand advocates


  • “Show Your Colors” Campaign
  • “Samurai Yourself” Profile Photo Creator
  • “Which Ranger are you?” Quiz

‘Show your colors’

We used Facebook to recruit and support our current brand advocates. By creating 5 unique profile images and sharing with Power Rangers fans on Facebook, we gave the community the power to ‘show their colors’. Facebook fans quickly updated their profile pics with the image of their favorite ranger.


‘Samurai Yourself’

And for those that wanted to take it one step further, the ‘Samurizer’ was created. An interactive feature of the Power Rangers website, fans could take a photo of themselves and quickly become whichever ranger they chose. The application made if easy to save the customized photo and to share on Facebook.

‘Which Ranger are You?’ Quiz

Knowing that our fans typically identify with one of the Rangers, we created a quiz that would help them learn more about the new Samurai Rangers. The quiz shared fan results on Facebook and promoted the new series premier.

Community Facebook Quotes: Fans speak out!

I don’t know if this can be classified as ‘Power Rangers swag’ or not, but its not everyday you get re-tweeted by the Power Rangers, and I am quite proud of this accomplishment. Go Go Samurai!

-Josh green

People comment on this page 24/7. ITS AWESOME

– Delaney Cummings

I would simply like to applaud the people in charge of this page for their hard work, fast news, well-kept site, and lack of bs that other pages seem to be burdened with.

– Todd Olsen

The Press – Power Rangers Tops Allfacebook.com’s Most Explosive Facebook Pages List

During the height of our campaign, the Power Rangers Facebook page was featured as one of allfacebook.com’s ‘Most Explosive’ Facebook pages alongside Microsoft, ‘The Bachelor’ and Adidas. The international list offers up the top ten pages that have seen ‘tremendous weekly growth totals’.

The new series was publicized in several other major news outlets:

Los Angeles Times:http://articles.latimes.com/2011/feb/07/entertainment/la-et-power-rangers-20110207

Los Angeles Times ‘Hero Complex’ Blog: http://herocomplex.latimes.com/2011/02/07/power-rangers-samurai-looks-for-fighting-chance-with-new-generation/


IGN Television News – http://tv.ign.com/articles/114/1145326p1.html

AOL TV Squad: http://www.tvsquad.com/2011/02/02/exclusive-power-rangers-samurai-photo/



ClevverTV.com Interview with new Rangers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTVeuHoGN4k


During our 3 month campaign the community grew dramatically. The new TV series premiered Feb 07, 2011 with a staggering 16.8 million viewers in the show’s first week!

Result Details

Facebook ‘Likers’

Nov 01 – 1298

Feb 07 – 201,666

Daily News Feed Impressions ( Daily The number of times people (Fans and non-Fans) have viewed a News Feed story posted by your Page.)

Nov – 877,196

Dec – 3,443,998

Jan – 9,004,560

Facebook Interactions (Daily Likes and Comments)

Nov – 13,268

Dec – 22,026

Jan – 39,663

Social Media Case Study: The Local Restaurant That Could

Company: West Cafe
Social Media Marketing Team: Lisa Peyton
Campaign Length: Six months, September 2008 – March 2009
Result: Up to a 34% Increase in Overall Restaurant Sales

SoMe Award Finalist 2009

The Challenge

The economic recession hit Portland small business owners hard in late summer and early autumn of 2008. Those offering “luxury” products or services were in an especially precarious position. West Café, a small upscale neighborhood restaurant, was particularly vulnerable to the economic downturn because it had only been open a few years and is located near Portland State University, where many neighborhood residents are more price-sensitive than elsewhere.

Owners Doug Smith and Sean Concannon (chef) knew their restaurant wouldn’t survive the winter if they didn’t do something significant to drive business. Even popular restaurants in higher traffic areas of Portland were closing or making deep cut-backs in hours and staff.

They had tried traditional advertising in the past – with mixed to mostly poor results – so they were ready to try something new with Internet marketing. However, a quick look at their web site and traffic stats made it astonishingly clear that their site was doing very little for them. The one page, flash-based site was only listed in search engine results for their brand. Analytics data showed they were lucky to get 5-10 visitors to the site per day, most arriving from a direct search of their web site domain – which implied these visitors were probably previous customers just looking for hours of operation or a phone number.

Additionally, West Café had been hosting live jazz twice a month on Saturdays and really wanted to expand to every Saturday for consistency, but the numbers just weren’t there to support it.

The Solution

Given a limited budget and time constraints, rebuilding the West Café web site was out of the question. Instead, social media addict (and West Café customer) Lisa Peyton decided to harness the power of social media to build buzz and drive business.

Creation of the West Café Blog

The West Cafe Blog was built using WordPress, which allowed for search engine optimization and easy content management. It was designed to match West Café’s branding, which was already established inside the restaurant and on its web site.

The West Cafe blog included daily drink specials and creative promotions.

The blog includes categories to support West Café’s offerings, help draw in customers, and provide a platform for keyword-rich copy. Regular columns include a weekly fresh sheet posted by the West Cafe pastry chef, special event announcements, a monthly jazz calendar and daily drink specials.

Getting the word out via Twitter

The blog was getting indexed by search engines and the site began picking up traffic very quickly. But that alone wouldn’t be enough to drive the kind of business West Café needed to be successful during an economic downturn.

Enter Twitter. Portland is regularly listed among the top five U.S. cities using Twitter, so it was an ideal platform for getting the word out about West Café. Moreover, Portland is a walkable city with a vibrant downtown where most Web 2.0-related events take place, making West Café a viable destination – and desirable since it offers fast, free Wi-Fi.


The West Cafe Twitter campaign included a daily drink special, upcoming

events and requests for feedback from frequent diners.

Peyton used the twitter ID @WestCafePDX to drive traffic to the blog by offering the city’s first-ever Twitter restaurant coupon!

twitter-couponThe link to the above coupon was posted on Twitter and helped to motivate the

Portland Twitter community to visit West Café.

She also targeted (and interacted with) key Portland tweeters, reached out to jazz fans, and created word-of-mouth buzz about the restaurant. In fact, many people who began following @WestCafePDX commented that they didn’t even know the restaurant existed before they were followed on Twitter!

Creative promotions across multiple social media platforms

Once the blog was up and running, it was time to get creative. In September, the presidential election was in full swing and dire economic predictions led the news. Peyton decided to use this news to their advantage. She proposed a tongue-in-cheek marketing blitz that drove unprecedented web traffic to West Café – and lots of happy drinkers and diners – through its doors.

They kicked this off with a Five-Point Plan to help Portlanders deal with the economic crisis. This included: 1) $10 Bail-Out Menu, 2) daily Dow Drink Deals, 3) Let Them Eat Cake mini-cupcake give-away 4) an Election-night extravaganza, and 5) a Bootleg Bash featuring Absinthe and retro-jazz with the rallying cry Party like it’s 1929!

The portion of the Five-Point Plan that drove the most web traffic was the Dow Drink Deal. Every single weekday, Sean Concannon created a drink special based upon how many points the Dow went up or down. Peyton wrote a short blog post about the drink of the day, optimized it for Portland Happy Hour searches, and then Tweeted about it that afternoon to alert potential customers.

Within just a few weeks, West Café was ranking within the first 15 Google search results for Portland Happy Hour! And, of course, many Portlanders got to try fun cocktails, great beer and fine wines at a discount.


The Twitter campaign drove daily traffic to drink specials,

which brought foot traffic into the restaurant.


The blog and Twitter account were also used to highlight live jazz events (which were expanded to every Saturday when the social media marketing campaign started). West Café was able to rank within the first 10 Google search results for Portland Jazz Bar. This has made it possible for the restaurant to sustain live jazz every Saturday night and build a regular following.


The Results

Stellar Traffic Stats

  • Web site traffic increased 500% from September to March
  • Page views increased 300% from September to March
  • Time on site increased by 25%
  • Traffic from search engines increased from 42% to 70%

Top Rankings

  • The number of pages indexed in the search engines increased from 27 to over 100.
  • Initially, West Cafe web pages were only showing in search for their branded terms.
  • The campaign received visibility in Google, MSN and Yahoo for over 30 targeted, non-branded keywords.
  • The campaign achieved rankings within the top 10 search results in Google for these key terms: Portland’s best dessert, Portland Jazz Club, Portland Jazz Bars, Downtown Portland Happy Hour, Portland Oregon Cafe, Portland OR Cafe.

Increased Sales

Total restaurant sales increased dramatically over the course of the campaign despite the region’s economic woes. Owner Sean Concannon had this to say about the effectiveness of the campaign: “We started this all in November and December and I can truly say business has been steady ever since the Election Party. This is due to the Internet promos. How to get factual numbers on this is hard, but I must say many places have closed their doors.”

The percentages below reflect the increase in sales revenue month over month starting with September as the baseline:

September – 100%

October – 12% increase

November – 32% increase

December – 26% increase

January – 25% increase

February – 34% increase

March – 20% increase

Unsolicited Press Coverage

While there wasn’t a budget for outreach to the press, West Café received exceptional coverage by local TV stations and print publications who heard about the restaurant’s promotions via Twitter. As any Public Relations pro knows, when the press starts tracking YOU down to do nice feature stories, your word-of-mouth buzz is good!

Within just a couple weeks of launching West Café’s Five-Point Plan, local NBC affiliate KGW-TV came by to do a feature on West Café. They profiled the Bail-Out Menu and the Dow Drink Deals in October 2008, speaking at length with Sean Concannon about how his restaurant was able to beat the economic woes facing many other Portland small businesses.

In December 2008, Oregon Business Magazine worked on a feature story for its January issue. KATU-TV’s morning show, AM Northwest featured West Café in February 2009.

Oregon Business Magazine heard about West Café’s innovative promotions through Twitter and wanted to learn more about how the restaurant was using social media to boost business.




This video shown on Portland news channel, KATU, features West Café Chef and Owner, Sean Concannon, preparing some of his favorite dishes including a fresh pineapple halibut and a Queen of Sheba chocolate torte.

Social Media Award Winning Campaign: Mio Gelato

Company: Mio Gelato
Social Media Marketing Team: Lisa Peyton/Ryan Lewis
Campaign Length: 3 months
Result: Up to a 44% increase in sales at various locations
SoMe Award ‘Peoples Choice’ Winner 2010

The Challenge

Mio Gelato is a locally-owned cafe with 4 locations around the Portland metro area. Best known for it’s frozen gelato, Mio’s owner wanted to combat slower sales during the winter months. He hoped to utilize the power of social media along with great promotions to keep patrons coming back; not just for gelato, but for soups, Italian hot cocoa and/or a quick lunch.

Mio owner Bob Lightman says “My business is very seasonal. It’s not hard to sell great gelato during June and July, but January is another issue entirely. I’m counting on social media to help lagging sales during these off months and to carry me through to my busy season.”